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Anyone Can Be Affected By The Opiate Epidemic

Recently, President Obama led a delegation in highlighting the dangers of opiate abuse. This is because the situation has become so serious that it now is a major health issue. The rate at which people are getting addicted to these substances is worrying if the statistics are anything to go by. What follows is that the addicts switch to heroin and this is where the deaths start. If you look at the number of people dying every year because of opiate abuse, your heart will skip a beat. Yet, even with so much being done to combat the situation, there are many other who are getting into addiction every day.

The risks that are faced on the Southwest boarder are quite peculiar. With Mexican cartels just across the border, things are threatening to get out of hand. These cartels have mastered the trends when it comes to the addiction patterns among Americans. This is the reason why they are ready to supply enough amounts of heroin and fentanyl to fuel the addiction. The latest studies show that Mexico is second to Afghanistan as the world’s largest producers of heroin. One can only imagine what this means for the millions of young people who live in this area, and who are eager to try drugs.

The most challenging situation is the available of heroin which is more affordable, yet easily available. The spikes of heroin seized in the united states over the last years point at a worsening situation. The fact that anyone who wants to indulge in drug abuse can easily find whatever they want means that a lot has to be done of the situation is to be contained. It is worse when you imagine that there are those who are already addicted and that for them, finding something to feed their addictions are not a difficult process. Indeed, this is a problem that affects almost every other area in the United States, and not just this region.

The law enforcement personnel from across the country have reported that there is a higher availability of fentanyl this year. Because of this, the number of overdose deaths as well as seizures has risen significantly. This is despite the fact that the government as well as other organizations has been spending lots of money and other resources trying to fight the epidemic. At the end of the day, one wonders what the situation is likely to be in the coming years if the addictions continue to increase.

You might be sitting there thinking that these are just stories that you will be reading about and that the opiates epidemic does not really affect you. The truth is that everyone is affected by this situation. Even when you do not know of any addict, you are a victim of the slowing economy caused by a population that is sinking into drug abuse and becoming less productive in life as is being witnessed in various parts of the United States.


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