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Addressing The Opioid Epidemic In South Carolina

In South Carolina, the effects of the opioid epidemic have been felt far and wide. That is a huge problem is a fact that cannot be wished away. One only has to look at some of the situations that the local communities have to go through every day to understand that there is need for more measures to be taken to avert a crisis. In fact, doctors as well as patients are increasingly worried about the effects of new prescription painkillers. This new class seems to be highly addictive thus posing more danger to the community which is already suffering because of addictions.

Prescriptions Appear to be on the Rise
Despite the fact that there is growing concern over addictions to opioids, statistics shows that prescriptions for these painkillers have been ion the rise over the past few years. What this means that even as others are suffering from the effects of these drugs, there are those who are getting sucked into it every day. It is even more worrying when you find out that not everyone who gets a prescription actually needs these drugs. This is an addition to the revelation that there have been many cases of prescription drugs finding their way into the wrong hands.

Millions of Prescribed Drugs
Government statistics show that in North Carolina, there were 169 millions prescriptions of schedule 2 in the first half of last year alone. These schedule 2 drugs are inclusive of opioids and as disclosed by the S.C. Considering the population of South Carolina, that number is just too high. It is like saying that one out of every five residents takes a dose of opioids every day. Where does this leave us? Indeed, this is a big threat to a community that is already suffering the effects of addictions and overdoses.

More Rug Related Deaths
It comes as no surprise to note that because of the increased prescriptions, there were more deaths related to drugs in this area. The situation got worse with people overdosing in the alleys, in the fields and even in their home. Those who were lucky to get help were saved and put under recovery programs. However, there are many who did not get help and therefore, they had to die. This is a devastating effect on families especially those that have been left without their influential members. Orphans and widows are on the rise thanks to opioids.

There is no doubt that the largest culprits in fatal drugs are heroin and opioids. These are the same drugs that have been on a higher circulation in South Carolina. Studies also show that most people who are addicted to heroin started by abusing heroin. They did not even know it when they transitioned to harder drugs. Just like in many other states, the problem keeps getting worse even as governments and communities try various methods to combat it. What the locals are hoping for is that there will b a comprehensive plan to get rid of these drugs once and for all.


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