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Addressing The Opiate Epidemic More Pragmatically

According to the Federal Government statistics, more than 70 people died every day in America in 2014 because of opiate addiction. It also is believed that over 60% of these deaths were caused directly by prescribed drugs. These worrying statistics have caused a big debate especially when you consider the fact that most leaders have been directly involved in the fight against the epidemic. With a lot of funds being invested in fighting addiction, it can sometimes be difficult to understand why the problem is becoming bigger every day instead of diminishing.

One thing that is baffling is that opioids being purchased in the United Sates have increased by about four times since 1999. This is despite the fact that the number of people who report suffering from pains that require such drugs has not changed over the years. The indication here is that although people are buying more opioids every year, they definitely are not using them to treat pain alone. It is one of the things that have fueled addiction and now, the problem seems to be getting out of hand. It also is a clear indication that most of the opioids being sold in America probably end up I the wring hands and are consumed by people who do not even need them in the first place.

These statistics speak volumes to anyone who cares about the epidemic. However, the biggest worry should be the fact that the people who die every day have families that they leave behind. The over 25,000 that die because of addiction every year have at least someone that is close to their hearts. It is worse when you notice that there are those who die while attempting to be clean and drop the vice. If you are wondering how they can id while trying to be clean, every addict who seeks treatment often is detoxed by the drugs. Therefore, when they relapse the way most of them do, their bodies no longer have the strength to handle the drug.

Most experts who have been involved in the fight against opioids know that there are many other situations that are likely to affect the addict. For instance, there have been many who check into rehabilitation centers when they are already infected with HIV. Although HIV is manageable ad is by no means a death sentence, it becomes a serious problem if the victim is also fighting addiction because then, managing it becomes a big challenge. There are people who do not even know how to take care of themselves when they are addicted, leave alone seeking help for HIV related issues. Although things have changed and now opiates are killing more people than HIV, there is no doubt that it still is a big challenge.

Although the victims of addiction may reach a point in life when they just wish to die, it is their family members that are left behind who feel the consequences. It is not always easy to move on knowing that you lost a loved one to opioids.


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