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Addiction Epidemic Leads To Reduced Opioid Production In The Us

Federal Government has announced plans to significantly reduce the amount of prescription painkillers produced in the United States. Although the main reason behind this is the public health epidemic that is has hot the country hard, it is also understood that the demand for such drugs is on the decline. The government seems to be solving two problems at the same time especially with the revelation that even though overall abuse is on the decrease, there are some states and counties that are in a sorry state because a large percentage of the population has become dependent on opiates and heroin.

The announcement by the Drug Enforcement Administration indicated that in 2017, the volume of opiates manufactured in the USA will be reduced by about 25 percent. This account for both the reduction in drugs meant for research as well as those made for sale. The agency is tasked with setting annual quotas so as to effectively control the production of controlled substances in the United States. They have been setting various quotas over the years and this has sometimes led to outcries from sections of the public especially the manufacturing sector which is keen to make profits from their businesses.

There are various addictive painkillers that will be reduced significantly in 2017 because of this announcement. Most notable among them are oxycodone, fentanyl, hydrocodone, morphine, and hydro morphine. According to recent surveys contacted by state agencies, these substances are consumed across the state in large volumes and by the wrong people. There have been reports that children are consuming juices and other drinks that have been laced by substances such as morphine. There also are foods snacks laced with drugs and which are sold in the open, a factor that largely contributes to the addiction epidemic and which should be monitored closely in order to stop it once and for all.

In the past two decades, the United States has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of deaths caused by opioid overdoses. Currently, an average of 80 Americans die because of overdoses every day based on statics from 2014. It is a worrying trend that has attracted the attention of many professionals who are keen to end it. The problem, however, is that in their efforts to finish the addiction epidemic, they face lots of challenges. These drugs continue to find their way into the wrong hands and the result is an acute addiction crisis. Maybe, a reduction in the volume of opioids produced in the country will help to fight the addiction epidemic.

This year, the announcement by DEA has reversed several years of allowing an increase in the flow of opioids in the country. What can be noted, however, is that the levels still remain high if you compare them to the years when these drugs were not in circulation. As to whether the country should move to alternative ways of treating pain remains to be seen as leaders have shown unity when discussing this problem and they have always agreed on solutions.


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