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A New Website To Break Heroin Stigma

Following reports that the number of deaths resulting from heroin abuse in Lackawanna County had doubled, a new website has been launched to help fight the epidemic. The website called Heroin Hits Home, targets the people whose loved ones have been affected by the heroin problem. It is a resource for anyone who is not sure of what to do when taking care of people affected by drug addiction. According to the developers of the website, it is believed that if the information can be accessed with ease, the fight against the epidemic will be easy. They also hope to mobilize families so as to utilize the available resources.

One of the operators of the website says that the idea of creating it was conceived after they talked to some of the families that have been affected by this problem. For instance, one family from Scranton said that had the website been in place, they would have known what to do with their teenagers who had sadly died because of overdoses. They say that had they had access to such information, they would have rehabilitated and even made their loved ones productive people in the society again. However, even though that is the case, there is no doubt that all is not lost and the website will help many.

The story of Sammi Henehan, a 21 year old woman from Scranton who died from heroin abuse last year is a good example of how lack of information has affected families. She was an up and coming banker with a promising career yet all that was lost because she did not know what to do with her addiction to heroin. A look at her face does not give you the impression of someone who is battling with addiction. Yet, her family could do nothing but to watch as every bit of life was drained out of her because of addiction. With time, she could no longer work on building her career and as her family was still pondering what to do, the young woman died.

What is baffling is that her parents spent almost a decade fighting their daughter’s addiction without success. Their story is not unique because there are many other families in this area that are going through the same ordeal. The reason why they spent all that time and could not take their daughter away from heroin is because they did not have enough information. The scanty information available was enough to help them save the life of their child. Clearly, if they had a website like the one that has been newly launched, they would know better what to do. It now downs on them that even though they were working so hard, they were not doing it right.

Indeed, the only way you can solve a problem is by being aware of it. You cannot fight heroin addiction if you are ignorant of the facts and that is why the website is a major boost in the fight against this growing problem.


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