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A New Program To Fight Opioid Addiction In Brick Township

The number of people seeking treatment and recovery from opiate addiction in Brick Township has risen sharply over the past few months. This is according to the Police Department which is tasked with handling such cases. Records show that many people have been turning themselves into the police seeking help. Some of them even walk in with suitcases in their hands and vow not to go back until they get help and recover from the problem. This is a true reflection of how the opioid epidemic has tightened its grip on Ocean County and the nearby areas.

A shift from incarceration to treatment
The police say that the latest trend is a big shift from what has been the norm for many years. Usually, many people who suffer from addiction choose to stay away from the police. They hardly seek help, and would rather suffer in silence than seek assistance. With this shift, there is likely to be a a different direction to how the opioid epidemic is addressed. Observers say that the effect of the new trend is likely to have a big influence in the war against opioid addiction.

Offering help to anyone that needs it
Speaking to the press, the Brick Township Police Chief said that they are doing everything under their power to ensure that everyone who has an addiction problem gets help. Anyone that needs help is free to come in and join the growing number of people being rehabilitated. The idea was partly founded by the Brick Police Chief and he says that through various partnerships including Manchester Police, they have a well thought out plan that is going to see the community step up the fight against addiction. He was optimistic at this time, there are going to be major breakthroughs and the community can now hope for a dent in the numbers of those affected by opioid addiction as long as the spirit goes on.

The statistics
Statistics show that a total of 109 people have enrolled in to the new program, known as HARP. This stands for :Heroin Addiction Response Program." This has exceeded the expectations of the founders who are now faced with an overwhelming task. According to the Prosecutor, a majority of the addicts who have enrolled in this program are below thirty years. This shows that even though addiction is a problem that does not discriminate based on age, the most affected population are the youth. It also points to a new trend among young adults that are more keen to change their lives by getting out of addiction, bettering their health, and becoming better citizens who can positively contribute to development.

It is obvious the program can be a source of inspiration and hope for many. At least, people are now seeking help, and they know that they can easily find it whenever they need it to an extent. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to rehabilitate as many addicts as possible. However, this can only be achieved if the community continues to support the new program and the many programs and coalitions being created this year. 


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