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A Minnesota Drug Dealer Sold Drugs To Teens Knowing It Was Bad

One day, a mother from Minnesota who had become wary of her son’s drug abuse lifestyle decided to do what most moms would not dare do. She followed her son without his knowledge just to know where he was getting the heroin from. According to Colleen Ronnei, she kept distance so that her son, Luke would not spot her. To her amazement, she saw him walking into a parking lot at Edina Mall last summer and bought the drug from a woman. As a mother who loved her son so much, this was a heartbreaking revelation. She had always suspected that her son had a drug abuse problem. However, she had never thought that the problem was so near.

As she was desperate to save Luke’s life, Ronnei started pondering what to do. Her so confessed to her that he wanted to stop the habit and be clean again. At his age, there was so much ahead I life and it did not make sense that he was wasting everything away. Unfortunately, the pull of heroin was so string he could not resists. Despite his will to reform, he found himself making numerous trips to that parking lot and it because his daily routine. Surprisingly, nobody else seemed to notice that the woman at the parking lot was selling drugs to teenagers. It is a clear reflection of the community that lives in that area.

One thing that the mother was desperate about was to get the drug dealer off the streets. So, one day, she passed by the lot and wrote down the dealer’s license plate without anybody noticing. She proceeded straight to the police where she made the complaint. Unfortunately, the police informed her that there was very little that they would do at that time ad so, in the meantime, the dealer continued with her business. Living while knowing that her son had a constant supply of heroin and that the police knew about it yet they were limited because of various reasons is one of the hardest things that the mother had to accept.

As fate would have it, Luke Ronnei died less than one year later. He was overdosed and efforts to save his life were fruitless. He was only twenty at the time of his death and this was a major blow to the small family. Surprisingly, at the time of his death, there were two other young Minnesota men who died under similar circumstances. They too had been getting their constant supply of heroin from that woman who operated from the parking lot. It was at this point that it dawned on Luke’s mother that something should have been done long ago.

Ronnei teamed up with the mothers of the other two boys and are working hard to ensure that the area becomes heroin free. As of now, they have already ensured that the drug dealer is in jail, charged with the murder of the three young men. However, it is baffling that the dealer confessed that she knew that heroin was bad even though she was selling it.


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