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A Hotline And An Angel Program To Save Opioid Addicts

When the telephone hotline dedicated to drug assist receives more than 50 calls just a few minutes after being set up, it shows how desperate these addicts are. It is a clear indication of the number of people seeking solutions to the addiction epidemic and how much they wish that they could get it instantly. An additional observation is that the calls keep coming in twenty four hours a day. According to the Erie County Crisis Services, the addiction line which was just launched recently is the beginning of something that will be much bigger. In addition to that, it will be more relevant when it comes to the purpose of saving lives.

Indeed, there can only be a breakthrough in combating the opioid crisis if more people join the course to help. Although this might seem like a big sacrifice especially to those who do not have any family members or relatives that are addicted to opiates, the results will be a major reward. For instance, a healthier community in the county has no limits when it comes to making the lives of the locals better. It also always is satisfying to know that a son, brother, sister, or daughter somewhere is not struggling through the recovery process alone. It is an initiative that requires the input of everyone including the recently launched hotline.

It is no longer strange to hear that too many people, especially the young, have died because of overdoses of opioid and heroin. So far this year, there already are 224 either suspected or confirmed deaths in Erie County alone. Over the previous two years, nearly 400 people died. These are shocking statics that should prompt anyone to feel obliged to join I the war against opiates. What is worrying is that the deaths seem to be on a steady increase despite the fact that there have been many initiated projects to help stop it. If you look at government statistics, you will easily notice that there is a trend of desperation.

Officials in Erie County and elsewhere are trying their best to address this epidemic. Clearly, a hotline for addicts is one of the tools that will make it easier to access victims and offer help. There also is a community volunteer program in the county dubbed Angel. Angels simply refers to an individual who will be on standby to respond to calls in a short notice. Simply put, they are the much needed shoulder that addicts and those recovering can lean on. When the community is fully dedicated to helping these people, it makes it easier for other organizations to join in the initiatives and make the county a better place.

According to the authorities, the new hotline can link every drug addict across the county to care providers. It is the much needed link that will save lots of lives especially in cases of overdosing. The hotline (716-831-7007) also connects them to angels, whose qualification, is to go through a background check to ensure that they can follow the necessary steps.


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