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A Couple Proposes A New Approach To The Opioid Epidemic 

There was a presentation hosted at the Fay Club to help people come up with new methods of combating the worsening opiate addiction problem. This comes as lawmakers try to find ways of how to rein in the worsening crisis in Fitchburg. Among the many ideas that were floated to the dozens of people who attended, one that stands out is the proposal to bring a an injection facility that is supervised. The idea is to allow people to use drugs legally while under medical supervision. The main aim is to ensure that they are monitored by the most experienced medical professionals throughout the time at the facility.

A Desperate Situation
This proposal was floated by a couple who had observed that the addiction crisis is fast becoming a desperate situation and therefore, nobody can go on relying on the methods that have failed to make a difference. They said that even though the normal practice has been to arrest people, it is now clear that it can no longer work that way. The couple said that they had earlier visited Australia and seen a supervised injection site and how it was helping the community. They believe that by bringing such an approach locally, it will help to give some hope to the many people who are living hopelessly thanks to opioids.

A Lawful Setting
During their trip to Australia, the couple observed that there were nurses who lawfully provided substance abusers with clean needles and filtered water. There also was a vestibule that looks like a cubicle that is meant to provide privacy when the injection process begins. This is a sharp contrast to what is happening locally. If it was on this other side, people would be doing it in public bathrooms or even outside in the fields. The needles would not be clean and this would pose another threat to their lives. With no monitoring, nobody knows what could happen to these people when they overdose.

Protecting the Public
The reason why the couple believes in the necessity of this approach is because they want to save the public from menace that is caused by it. For example, they say that when they want to take their families out for a burger, they do not have to expose them to the scenes of a dead boy in one of the bathrooms because of an overdose. One of the nurses in the community health centers says that it can have a devastating effects especially on minors, who may not understand the reason of the death, even if you explain that the person has died because of an overdose.

In addition to that, the couple says that their trip to Australia demonstrated to them hose an injection facility can help in the improvement of public health. With so many harms associated with drug abuse, it is obvious that a new approach has to be taken. Law enforcers cannot continue relying on the same old tactics and expect that they will finally arrest their way out of the situation.


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