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A Counterfeit Pill Problem May Have Caused The Death Of Prince

An Autopsy report released in June showed that Prince, the famous pop icon, died because of a lethal dose of one of the most powerful opioids. The dose was identified as fentanyl and surveys show that it is one of the most widely used ones across the United States. What is worrying is that the officers investigating the death are growing getting convinced that the singer dis not even know what he was consuming. Most Americans buy these drugs and consume the without bothering to know if they are the right ones for them. The result is sudden deaths caused by unexpected overdoses or other fatal side effects.

The authorities found two dozen pills filled in an Aleve bottle when they searched the singer’s Minnesota estate shortly after his death in April. These drugs were later discovered to be positive for fentanyl. According to scientific evidence, fentanyl can be up to 100 times as powerful as other drugs such as morphine. What is still confusing is the fact that the drugs were not labeled as such; leading to conclusions that Prince may not have even known it when he was taking them. The labels on the pills showed that they contained other mild drugs.

A look at the pills would have made anyone to believe that they are standard painkillers and that they are the perfect choice for severe pain management. In reality, however, they contained a powerful substance which has been classified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as being a threat to public health. One wonders therefore, how many people are innocently consuming such drugs without knowing the dangers that they are exposing themselves to? Although this is just one case involving a pop icon, there is no doubt that it is something that is happening all over the United States but most of the cases go unnoticed.

Although it is not clear if the pills particularly caused the death of Prince, reports in a section of the media indicate that the investigators are heavily relying on this new information. It is the reason why they are almost coming to a conclusion that the singer might not even have known what he was taking to start with. Although he does because of an overdose of fentanyl, he may not even have been aware that the pills that he was taking contained it. It points to a counterfeit pill scheme that has been sweeping the nation thus fueling the opioid abuse crisis that is increasingly becoming too difficult to handle.

Fentanyl can be prescribed by doctors to manage chronic pain in severe cases. However, this is under specially monitored situations. With the use of drugs that are concealed to hide their true contents, the fight against opioids abuse is increasingly becoming difficult. In addition, heroin addictions are getting out of hand especially among communities where it was not reported before. It therefore is important to ensure that the counterfeited pill scheme is halted and that every drug in the market is properly labeled.


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