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A Closer Look At America's Opioid Epidemic

If you though that the opioid epidemic in America is just a problem of specific people, you need to think again. A closer analysis reveals that this is a problem that has engulfed all the 50 states. The effects are similar across all the states. You only need to look at some of the victims or the stories narrated by survivors to understand how sever this epidemic is. In addition to that, it does not choose based on color, race, religion or anything else. As long as you are in America, regardless of where you live, you are always likely to feel the effects of drug abuse in one way or another.

How Heroin Gets to Consumers
This epidemic has a way of spreading to every corner of the nation. It is known to course along the interstate highways where most of the trafficking occurs. This is where one is likely to find cheap heroin that has probably been smuggled from elsewhere. In addition to that, the highways are properly calculated meeting points for smugglers, suppliers, distributors, and consumers. From the highways, these drugs find their way into pill mills where they are sold on brood daylight. It is a common thing in various states to find people buying heroin that is handed to them just like candy.

Addictions and Overdosing
The effect of this trend is that many people have found themselves in addiction. Most of them overdose regularly and have to call for help. For those who are not lucky enough to get help, that is the end of their lives. Observers say that in some counties, there is only one doctor who is allowed to prescribe medication for overdose victims. In such counties, the doctor’s phone rings constantly because there are too many people who need help. This could be one of the explanations why deaths resulting from this epidemic have been on the rise. In other counties, people often overdose in aisles of their dollar stores.

The Worst Drug Crisis In History
According to health official, the heroin and opiate epidemic is the worst health crisis to be witnessed in America’s history. Having killed more that 33000 people in 2015 alone, it is a worse killer that auto accidents and any disease. It is worrying that for the first time, the deaths resulting from heroin overdoses were more than those attributed to gun homicides. What does this mean? It points to a crisis that is becoming bigger every day. In fact, it is likely to likely shape the future of this country. Many of those who are caught up in the addictions say that it seems inescapable. They want to lead their old good lives but they just cannot find a way out of this.

With drug traffickers finding smarter ways to avoid arrests by police, the challenges become even bigger. These drugs are being smuggled across the boarders and mixed in drinks. Some retailers sell them in disguise of normal product and other pills and therefore, law enforcers may not even notice them.


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