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How Do I Avoid Relapsing An Opioid Addiction?

After going through withdrawal and getting clean from opiates, it's important to maintain your sobriety. It's not going to be easy.  Once you have been off of opiates for a while, you are going to start to feel normal again.  Unfortunately one of the main reasons people relapse is because they know opiates are going to make them feel better.  Addicts enjoy the euphoria that opiates cause as well as the feeling that "everything is just great" while they are using. It's when the opiates wear off, and the withdrawal symptoms kick in that one realizes that the feeling opiates give are a false sense of security.

Your main fear is relapsing and falling back into the lifestyle of addiction. You constantly think about how you can stay clean and how you can move forward with your life without drugs. Being vigilant in your recovery is what will keep you clean.  Dealing with problems you have rather than drowning them with opiates is going to be very important in order to maintain a sober life.

Hard work is the main ingredient for living a life free of drugs.  The same goes with your recovery. You are going to have to work hard at staying sober because you are going to experience emotions and feelings that were normally numbed by opiates.   Over time things will become easier and easier but in the beginning you need to stay focused on the goal of staying clean.

You need to prepare mentally and physically for your recovery. I always recommend that people new to recovery get a daily planner. It is extremely important to have your day occupied with healthy and positive activities. Most people have work to take up the majority of their day, but those moments when you used to pick up your drugs, now need to be filled with positive, healthy activities. Joining a gym or taking up a physical activity like running or biking will not only have amazing effects on your mind and body, but also will help you keep you occupied.

Opiate abuse is common, and there are most likely other people in your area that are also working on staying sober.  Find people in recovery to hang out with. Meetings are a fantastic place to not only learn about recovery first hand, but you can make friends with people who know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. They have been in your shoes before and understand the demands early in recovery. A lot of your old friends may want to go to a bar and drink socially but that is not something you will want to do.  Having friends in recovery will allow you the opportunity to hang out and learn how to have fun without substances involved.

The beginning of recovery is not going to be easy, but it's important you stay on track. You will have to work harder than you ever have in your life to stay clean for the long haul.  Make your health your number one priority in your life because nothing is more important than staying healthy both physically and mentally and living a life free of opiates.


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