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I'm Addicted to Opiates and I Need Help

You are at a point in your life where every minute of your day is consumed by your addiction. When you look at the money you have, you don't count dollars and cents, you immediately think about how many pills you can afford to buy. Every penny you have goes to feed your addiction first and whatever you can spare goes to living expenses and food. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You don't want to live this life anymore but what do you do? You don't have the money for a new pair of socks, how on earth are you going to pay for a rehab facility? You may also wonder if you do happen to get clean, can you ever be happy again? Will you always think about using? These fears and concerns are completely rational and it's important to understand why you use in the first place.

I field thousands of phone calls per year and many of these calls have the same dialogue. Many addicts in the world have similar feelings and fears. Besides the common fear of withdrawal and how long it may take to feel “normal,” again, the price tag that goes along with treatment is a huge burden that terrifies many addicts. Many addicts have families, and the ones that are the sole providers of their household and can't take a leave of absence from work because they fear they may lose their job.  Especially in an economy like our current one in which unemployment rates are high and there are many replacements ready to work.

These are substantial fears that addicts have and using opiates helps to calm these fears.  That is until the opiates wear off, and reality sets in.  I am a firm believer in telling the truth and facing reality when it comes to dealing with problems.  Getting clean is hard enough, but keeping the whole process a secret is even harder.

One of the first things I tell a person to do is contact their local health department. Since most people can't afford $30,000-$40,000 on rehab, your local health department may have grant money to help send you to a treatment center or rehab facility.  There are options for both inpatient and outpatient.  Look for help from your local government first, it may surprise you how many programs are in place to help addicts like yourself.  As the opiate epidemic grows, there will most likely be even more programs to help people get clean. 

The largest fear many addicts dread is how they are going to feel after they get off of opiates.  I get this question almost on a daily basis, “Will I ever be happy again without opiates?” I can completely relate to this question from my own experience.  I remember the haunting feeling that I could never be happy again. The truth is that you WILL be happier than you ever have been once you get clean and learn how to deal with your problems rather than drowning them out with drugs. Addiction leads to a life of hell. It makes you do things you normally wouldn't do, and it has ruined countless lives.  Once you are clean and living a healthy lifestyle, you will come to see how the drugs have blinded you.  That feeling is what I want all addicts to feel. I want all addicts to get into a place in recovery where you sit back and smile for may feel like the first time in a long while.  If you are still alive, then there is still hope. If you, a family member, or friend are addicted to drugs please seek treatment immediately.  There are options to help you out there, and you are not alone.


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