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What Is The Best Opiate Withdrawal Aid On The Market?

Opiate addiction is sweeping across the nation at an alarming rate. Drug overdoses are at record highs as well as emergency room visits caused by opiate abuse. A major problem many states are facing is the lack of help for addicts seeking treatment.  For example, the state of New Jersey has around 6,000 beds available for drug addiction, yet there are over 72,000 people seeking treatment!  These numbers show a huge lack of help for people who need addiction specialists. Add in the fact that the majority of addicts can't afford to pay the rehabilitation centers prices. Some drug rehabs can cost over $30,000, and many insurance companies do not cover these costs.  Unfortunately many addicts who don't end up overdosing, end up in the overcrowding jails.  Many addicts do not belong in jail, they need professional medical treatment to help their substance abuse issues.

When an addict is faced with many obstacles on their road to recovery, they usually end up falling back into the vicious cycle of addiction. This is one of the main reasons we created CalmSupport. CalmSupport was formulated to help ease the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.  CalmSupport is not a magic pill that is going to cure addiction.  What it is going to do is help those ready to detox, to do so in the comfort and the privacy of their own home using a product that is all natural and opiate free.

CalmSupport was formulated with the best organic ingredients available. When I first started looking into creating CalmSupport I found a doctor to help formulate the product.  CalmSupport was formulated with the help of Dr. Heath McAllister, a board certified Naturopathic Physician and Registered Herbalist. As an expert in integrative medicine and herbal medicine he believes optimum health can be attained by the right combination of modern science and natural healing. He strongly feels that each of us has the ability to heal if given the right nutrients and support. He speaks locally and nationally on a wide variety of natural health topics and we felt he was the perfect match to help formulate CalmSupport.

CalmSupport Opiate Withdrawal Aid System has been worked on for close to four years.  I could have released this product years earlier, but it was not perfected. We wanted CalmSupport to be the best product on the market to help those suffering from withdrawals. I always tell anyone looking into CalmSupport to do their research on our ingredients and compare our product to the competition.  When you understand the science and our combination of organic herbs, amino acids and active vitamins, it becomes clear that we used the highest quality ingredients available.

If you or someone you know is looking to quit opiates and are scared of withdrawal, read more about how CalmSupport may help. Each ingredient has a purpose in helping to provide the proper nutrients for a healthy and comforting feeling while going through opiate withdrawal.  As always make sure to consult with a medical doctor before starting or stopping any prescription medications.


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