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What is Your Reason For Being An Opiate Addict?

If you are an addict, it's time to stop and look at yourself in the mirror.  Ask yourself the question, “Why do I use opiates”, and be honest with yourself as to your answers.  There are many reasons you may have become addicted to prescription pain killers. You may have started using recreationally.  You might have found them in a medicine cabinet from your friends or family members.  You may have even been prescribed them by a doctor.  No matter your reason for starting, you need to figure out why you continue to take them even when you realize they are causing harm. 

Is there an underlying issue in your life that you never took the time to look into? Do you have emotional or psychological issues that need to be evaluated by a professional?  Self medicating is one of the worst things a person can do.  First off, if you are not a medical professional there are many things you may be unaware of when abusing opiates. What kind of damage are you doing to your mind and body?

Rather than masking the emotional issues you have, it may be time to evaluate the ways you treat them.  Self-medicating with opiates obviously has not worked and most likely brought about even more problems. Research the benefits of therapy and how it may help you.  Whether you are having self-esteem issues, mood swings, depression or anxiety, there are professionals that can help.  Opening up to a licensed professional who understands the human brain and the issues you face can be life-changing. Having someone to talk to that has no other relevance in your life is great. It makes it easier to talk to them about things you would normally be uncomfortable telling people you know. You can also rest assure that the professional will never judge you for the actions you've committed or the feelings you have.  It is their job to help you understand what you are feeling and how to cope with them without turning to drugs.

When it comes to dealing with young teens who have an opiate addiction, hiring a therapist to speak to them about their issues could save their life. Parents are not the easiest people for teens to talk to, especially about drugs, emotions, depression, or anxiety.  Parents may not understand, or more importantly give the wrong advice when they are trying to help.   Teens have a hard time opening up and it professional therapists use strategies to get them to talk and to do so openly. It may take a few sessions to have a breakthrough with a teen patient, but that breakthrough could be the answer to the underlying issues troubling the teenager and fueling their addiction.

Many people may think that professional help may be expensive, or out of their reach financially. First off, opiate addiction alone can be very very expensive with no long term solution to your problem.  You are going to continue taking opiates until you end up dead or in jail.  There is no long term goal of an opiate user than to quit opiates! You are betting off investing your money with a professional who can help solve your problems rather than self-medicating to mask them.  If you are unable to afford a professional to talk to, realize there are many affordable or subsidized professionals who are willing to help at a reduced rate or even free.  You can search Google for "mental health services" or visit any local hospital and ask what they suggest.  This is your life, and it's important to live it to the fullest.   If you have an addiction problem, take control of your life now before it's too late.  There are plenty of professionals and services out there available to help.


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