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Using Opiates to Help Depression Is a Bad Idea

People abuse prescription pain killers for many different reasons. One reason that I commonly hear is that opiates make people feel better. It helps take away depression and anxiety that people may feel.  They feel as if nothing could upset them or ruin their mood, and that life is great.  This unfortunately is anything but the truth.

In my experiences talking with other addicts, I have found a common theme in majority of addicts.  Many addicts are depressed and or anxious and they feel opiates help cure them of their negative feelings.  When they started using pain killers, they no longer had the depression or anxiety issues. As long as they had their constant fix of opiates, they felt like a million bucks and felt as though they found the secret to happiness.

Opiates provide a false sense of comfort. They might make you feel as if everything is ok and provide a shield from having to deal with your true emotions.  The problem with the abuse of opiates is it has the opposite effect on your life and brain. The more you use opiates to mask the anxiety and depression, the worse you are going to feel in the long run. As an addict continues to consume opiates, tolerance builds up and more opiates are needed to feel better.  All aspects of your life start to dwindle in comparison to the amount of time and energy you put into feeding your addiction. Before you know it, all that matters to you is the opiates and the depression starts to come back worse than previously felt.

When you get to this point, you start to realize the problems you have are getting worse.  The feelings that were once diluted by the opiates are starting to come back full force. The opiates no longer help, they actually make things worse. You get to a point where you are terrified to stop using because it's scary thinking about the future and the unknown, but you also realize that you are in a horrible cycle.  You have hid your emotions behind the opiates for so long that you no longer feel any emotions except pain, desperation, depression and anxiety when you no longer have any pills to take.

As you go through withdrawal you will realize the damage you have done to your brain. The depression and negative feelings you are dealing with are a direct result of opiate abuse. Your brain chemicals have changed and your brain is no longer functioning the way nature intended it to.  Understanding that this will take time to heal is paramount, but realize you will feel better over time.  CalmSupport was created to help ease the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.  When you are ready to quit, consult with your doctor to see if CalmSupport is right for you.


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