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Crimes for Opiates: Pain Pills and Pain Killers Can Ruin Your Life

It doesn't take much research to find cases of people committing crimes in order to obtain opiates, pain pills or heroin. To a person who has never used these drugs before, it may seem unimaginable.  Yet there are tons of addicts who steal, deceive, or manipulate others in order to get their fix. With the epidemic of opiate addiction spreading like wildfire, most people know someone who is/was addicted to opiates or someone who has been directly affected by the epidemic.

If you look in your local newspaper under the Police Blotters section, many of the crimes committed were because the criminal was addicted to opiates. The amount of burglary and theft by deception charges connected to opiate addiction are staggering. Even those with positions of authority and respect are no match for the power that opiates have.

A Tennessee Criminal Court Judge named Richard Baumgartner was addicted to the prescription pain killer Oxycodone during his final two years on the bench. His judgment was so distorted by opiates that he made horrible life altering decisions.  He was caught having sex and buying pills during courtroom breaks.  He even purchased pills from convicts he had previously sentenced! You may wonder how a person with so much respect and authority could be so reckless.  The traits of negligence and horrible decision making go hand in hand with opiate addiction.

In May of this year, a former police officer named Jason Bryan Holt, opened fire killing two people and wounding two others when he was robbing a pharmacy for Oxycodone. The fact that he was so desperate to get his pills that he was willing to kill two innocent people just shows how strong these pills can be.  This man's life was completely controlled by opiates, so much so that he threw it all away.

Truth of the matter is, opiates are extremely dangerous. What may start off as a recreational relationship, or a doctor prescription, can turn deadly quickly.  Opiates change the chemistry of the brain and alter important chemicals that affect mood and decision making. Instances like the ones in this article show how opiate addiction can lead to horrible life decisions.

Don't become another statistic. Opiate addiction is strong, and has ruined countless lives. If you or someone you know is going through painkiller addiction seek professional help immediately.


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