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My Child is Addicted to Opiates and Painkillers

With opiate addiction barreling through towns across the country, many families are besides themselves that the opiate epidemic has hit so close to home.  Parents look at their addicted son or daughter and want to know how they ended up like this. They raised their child in a loving, caring home. Provided everything they ever needed to lead a prosperous life.  Send them to outstanding schools and had them involved in all sorts of activities.  Are you curious how your child end up addicted to drugs?

Truth of the matter is that prescription pain killers are everywhere, and are just as if not easier to get than marijuana. They are overproduced, found in every town in America, and now appearing in high schools.  In 1997, approximately 10 tons of oxycodone was produced worldwide, while in 2010, 122.5 tons was produced! That is an astronomical jump in manufacturing, but proves that the demand is there.  No one can say  people are in more pain now then in 1997.  With over a 1000% increase in just a short span of time, it's obvious that opiate use are at epidemic levels which should be a huge cause for concern.

When your child uses prescription pain killers or heroin, even for a short amount of time, they are altering their brain chemicals. Chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin start to lower in the brain because the pain pills or heroin causes a rush of these chemicals to flood the brain.  This causes the brain to deplete their chemicals, and when the drug is not available this leads to extreme mood swings, hot and cold sweats, aches and pains, depression, anxiety and much more.

Seeing these symptoms and the change in your child's personality will help you pinpoint the issue before it gets severe. Talk with your son or daughter about what is going on. Be open with them. Being supportive and trying to help them no matter what the condition is will make the outcome of your child's recovery more successful. Allow your child to tell you the truth about their issue. Listen to everything they have to say without interrupting them.

Educating yourself on opiate addiction is key to understanding what is going on in your child's brain and body. Here at CalmSupport, we have a vast amount of blog articles we update Monday through Friday, to keep you informed on all aspects of opiate abuse, recovery, addiction and more.

The damage your child has done to your family and household can heal. The most important part of the situation is getting your child healthy and into a stable recovery. Keep a positive outlook for the future and remember, no child is too far gone, there is ALWAYS hope.


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