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Afghanistan is Responsible for 90% of the World's Opium and Heroin Problems

Afghanistan is one of the largest opiate producing countries in the world. As of Sept 2013, it's claimed Afghanistan has more than 40,000 tons of opiates.  That is equivalent to 80 million pounds! The main reason for the massive cultivation and farming of the poppy plant to make opium and opiate based drugs such as heroin in Afghanistan is because there is no market shortage.

Over a million people have died from heroin and opiates overdoses from poppy's that were cultivated in in Afghanistan. The addiction of opiates throughout Russia (which is one of Afghan's largest market) and the world has become so large that in the past 10 years heroin production has increased 40 times!

During the past 3 years, Russia, US and Afghanistan have closed down over 22 illegal drug laboratories and destroyed more than 24 tons of opiates including underground drug laboratories. The global market for opiate based narcotics is growing rapidly and there is no shortage of buyers so the growers of poppy plants and the factories that process the plants are popping up to meet the demand.  The 22 closed illegal drug laboratories are just a drop in the bucket.

Russia is one of the largest markets of Afghan poppy plants, and it's claimed there are over 2000 laboratories processing opium and creating heroin for the global market.   Afghan is responsible for 90% of the world's opium! The lack of law enforcement agencies in Afghan to handle the amount of poppy cultivation is staggering.  Until the governments work to crack down the manufacturing of opiates abuse, it's only going to get worse.


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