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Ordering Prescription Medication Online

One of the largest technological advancements in the past 30 years has been the Internet.  Less than 30 years old, the Internet has helped connect the world. The Internet has brought about great advances in how we communicate, shop and much more. Unfortunately though with all of the positive aspects the Internet has brought, there has also been some drawbacks. 

One negative side effect of the Internet is the ability to remain "somewhat" anonymous.  Since the Internet is world wide and open 24 hours a day, this has allowed companies from around the world to target global audiences.  This has also allowed the black market to flourish online including the illegal sale of prescription medications.

It's scary to think that anyone can sit down at a computer and place an order for a controlled substance. From the privacy of your home, you can place an order for an unlimited amount of any medication you want and have them delivered to your front door the following day. This provides a nightmare for the Drug Enforcement Agency, and more importantly the health of millions of addicts.

These illegal online pharmacies are up for a short amount of time before they are shut down, but then pop up with a new name and location days later.  They are growing at an alarming rate, and many of them are not only illegal, but very dangerous.  No longer do addicts need to meet in public to make an illegal purchase.  It's as easy as going to a website, choosing what you want, and paying for it.  People are literally going from paying their bills online to opening a new window to order some prescription pain pills just as easily.

By law, a doctor who prescribes you prescription pain medication must give you a physical checkup in person. You can not receive a "virtual" checkup over the phone or the Internet as many illegal online pharmacies claim.  Also you need to get your prescription filled from a licensed pharmacy.  Do not trust online pharmacies that claim you do not need a prescription!

The dangers behind buying prescription medications online are staggering.  Here are some important things to think about before you purchase prescription medication online:

When you are buying prescription medication online illegally, where is your money going? Who and what are you funding?  Who are you sending your information to? Who is going to have access to your credit card information, your address, and your medications you are purchasing?

Most illegal online pharmacies are based outside of the United States.  How do you know you are receiving the medication you think you are purchasing?  Where was the medication manufactured? Who overlooked the process? Are the pills you received legit?  What would happen if the dosage was wrong, or the pills were mislabeled.  You might ingest something that could have deadly consequences.

What if you don't receive the medication you purchased?  Are you going to report your illegal transaction to the police?  Ordering medication online is not only dangerous, but it's also a felony to import controlled substances and is punishable with jail time.  Do not risk your freedom, job, or life.  Prescription medications are a growing problem and cause for concern. If you are someone you know is addicted to pain pills, please seek professional help immediately.


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