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Replacing Opiates With a Healthy Hobby

Addiction to opiates is a worldwide epidemic.  You can talk with friends and family and a majority of them will know someone who is or has been affected by opiate addiction. When recovering addicts begin their road to recovery, they are facing an unknown future. The staggering statistics of people relapsing and going back to using opiates is around 90% That is an extremely high statistic for such a strong and powerful drug. Besides the physical withdrawals that come along when getting sober from opiates, there are mental ones as well.  Fear, anxiety, depression are very common during withdrawal which tends to keep addicts using. A majority of recovering addicts feel as though they are "bored" without the opiates, as they are no longer overloading their body with synthetic endorphin highs.  Opiates provide the delusion that everything in the world is better.  Unfortunately with the opiate highs, come the withdrawal lows.

When you start on your road to recovery, you should completely overhaul all aspects of your life.  Time is going to feel very different now that you are no longer using opiates. Once you stop using, you need to get off the couch, get our of your room, house or apartment and find new hobbies and healthy activities to get involved with.  Not only will this help to stimulate your body, but to also help stimulate your brain as well as help to keep you mind off of withdrawal. Keeping yourself busy is very important!

When I first got clean I knew my body was damaged from all the abuse I had done to it. One of my main goals every day was to exercise. No matter how uncomfortable, tired or achy I was feeling, I found the time to exercise. In the very beginning it was rough, but became enjoyable VERY quickly. I discovered that I enjoyed running. Keep in mind that like most people, I hated running my entire life.  After getting clean, I found peace in running. It gave me a place to escape not only physically but mentally. It was almost a form of meditation for my mind, body and soul.  The longer I ran, the better I felt.  I could feel the endorphins working in my brain. Feeling this made me happy and ensured myself that my brain was creating chemicals that it had not done in a long time.

Running may not be what you are into. But it is extremely important to find a healthy hobby to fill the time. You may be like most people and not have much time to yourself with the fast-paced world we live in.  Having a job, attending school, or having a family is usually a lot to deal with, but when you do have some time to yourself, find something you enjoy that you can progressively get into. I know many people who really started to enjoy the outdoors once they got sober. They became interested in fishing, camping, hiking, and even got their children involved and family involved and out of the house. Your kids will enjoy the time with you, especially the healthy clean version of you. Find your niche, the thing you enjoy and stick with it. Keeping your mind and time occupied is an extremely important step on your road to recovery.


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