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I'm Speaking to Every Addict Out There: You Have the Ability to Change

Understanding your true potential is a scary thought for many people, especially addicts.  As individuals, what are we capable of achieving?  People handle life's challenges differently. No matter how low you are feeling, how desperate, or scared, there is still hope. You are a human being with feelings, emotions, families, problems, and stress like 99.9% of the population.  As an opiate addict you will come to a point in your life where every moral you know will be tested.  I've known addicts that said they would stop using once they couldn't afford it any more. That they would never steal to get their fix, except for this one time. That they would never hurt anyone, just as long as the person they are holding up gives up their wallet without a struggle. What is your breaking point? How far will you go to get your next bag of pills?

Realize you also have potential for doing positive things with your life. Your ideas, your thoughts, your story. Everything about you is unique, and only you have the ability to make changes in your life for the better.

One piece of advice I always like to point out is that we are capable of some amazing things.  Humans have played a role in everything you see around you.  The light switch you just turned on. That was once an idea in someone's head, and now it's in your house.  The bottle you are drinking out of was designed by a person as well. Look around you, everything was created by people.  Their idea just happened to become a reality, but don't discredit them for being human.

I want you to stop your erratic thoughts and think to yourself, “Is this who I wanted to be when I grew up?”   Are you happy with what you have become? If you answered no, then it's time to make changes in your life and stop the path to self-destruction. I don’t need to tell you the strength opiates have, I know first hand.  What I also learned during my path to sobriety is that NOTHING is stronger than human will.  It is time to take your life back from the grip of addiction. Deep inside you is a person with a future.  A person with ideas, with goals.   Make the conscience decision right now that nothing will stop you. It is going to be tough, it may be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life. But nothing worthwhile comes easily.  Once you overcome the hurdle of addiction you are capable of achieving anything.

Do not dwell on the past.  Don't fall into the vicious cycle of stopping, feeling guilty, then relapsing.  Let it go, there is plenty of time to clean up any of your past after you have clean up the present. You will never be able to fix your life's problems while being an addict. Focus on the present moment and take it day by day to get clean. Realize that you have done a lot of damage to your body, your mind and life, so it may take some time and you may hit some rough patches to get through it. But each day that goes by, you will become stronger. Both physically and mentally. Your drive and desire to live a real life will grow as you sober up and take control of your life back. You will realize that you have been through hell and survived and that nothing can stop you. That is when you start to see your true potential come out. Pick up a hobby, get into a routine or schedule. Start walking. Starting eating a little healthier. Aim to get on a sleep schedule. Avoid people who make you want to use. Find something you like to do that is healthy and focus your attention on that. Stay strong, stay focused, and don't give up.


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