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My Child is Addicted to Opiates and I Don't Know What to Do

Opiate addiction is a worldwide epidemic, especially in the United States. You can see the destruction that opiates have caused by reading any local newspaper in any town across the country.  Most people know or are related to someone who is battling with an addiction to opiates. The hardest part knowing an addict, is not knowing how to help.  Where do you go, who do you ask, how do you stop the opiate abuse?

When you start to search the internet for help with opiate addiction, you are most likely bombarded by advertisements from expensive rehabilitation centers promising to cure your child's addiction. It's very hard to find information about how to help your child turn their life around. A rehabilitation center may help your child, but they do very little to educate the parent on what to look for, how to support and what to expect from your child. Many of these rehabilitation centers push prescription medications that may help the withdrawal symptoms subside, but then has them dependent on another drug. What happens when your child wants to stop taking these prescription medications?

The idea of getting your child off of a prescription pain killer only to have them dependent on another prescription medication just seems redundant. The ultimate goal for any parent is to have their child living a healthy natural drug free life. If this is your case, why would you want them to detox from one medication, only to rely on another? This is something that many people in the addiction recovery industry debate about. Some people find great help with these medications and are “ok” with relying on them to live a somewhat normal life. But the majority of people do not want to rely on chemicals to live their life constructively.  If this is how you feel, then CalmSupport may be the answer.

We at CalmSupport.com do not discredit the help these medications have given those who have used them successfully, but there are natural alternative you should review. After 4 years of research, consulting registered herbalists, doctors and health professionals, we formulated a high quality natural herbal supplement. One that uses a unique formula of herbs and active vitamins to not only help with the withdrawal symptoms but help to restore your body as well.*

We know as parents and recovering addicts ourselves, that nothing is more important to you than your child. We want your child to live a life filled with health and happiness.  If you are interested in helping your child beat their addiction to opiates and recover with a natural herbs and vitamins, please read more about our product.  As always talk to your Doctor before trying any new herbs, vitamins or supplements.


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