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New Outpatient Detoxification Program Launch To Confront Heroin And Opiate Addiction

CN guidance & Counselling Services, considered as the leader in addressing drug use and mental health problems in Long Island, New York, recently launched substance withdrawal and outpatient detoxification support services to residents of Long Island and Hicksville. This is in response to the growing number of Long Island residents who are becoming addicted to heroin and opiates. The two new sites are located in the main office of CN Guidance located at 950 S. Oyster Bay Road in Hicksville and at the Horizons Counseling & Education Center at 161 East Main St. in Smithtown.

The two facilities are supported in part by government funds and offer various services that include assessment, symptom relief, provision of medication, detoxification, monitoring of vital signs and access to long-term treatment if necessary. If you are interested in acquiring any of their services, you may call 516-822-6111.

In 2013 alone, a record-setting 144 people died because of heroin use in the area. And since 2010 the death toll from heroin use is increasing by 91% and 163% in Nassau County and Suffolk County respectively. An additional 343 died in 2012 and 2013 because of the use of opioid pills. According to a study done in 2013 in Nassau County, more than 4,000 individuals sough for detoxification services but only a quarter of these individuals were actually admitted to a rehabilitation facility.

This is why CN Guidance CEO Jeffrey Friedman believes that they are actually filling a gap. Friedman believes that the effects of opiate addition reaches far and wide and affects not only the patient but also his family and even the whole community. This is the reason why immediate treatment of drug addiction is necessary. The new service provided by CN Guidance enables drug dependents and their loved ones to receive immediate help. All you need to do is to give them a call. They also promise that there will be no lag as to the provision of longer-term treatment that may be needed right after detoxification.

According to authorities, more than 80% of detoxification are currently being performed in hospitals. The problem is that often, patients need to wait for a long time to get treatment and the cost of detoxification in hospitals is also high. What’s worse is that results are not always favorable. There are also hospitals that only use detoxification for cases that are psychiatrically and medically complicated.

The new services being offered by CN Guidance presents an alternative to hospital-based detoxification. These services are geared towards patients who suffer from mild and moderate addiction even those who are experiencing withdrawals from the use of heroin and opiates. The best thing about the new outpatient program being implemented by CN Guidance is the fact that it is able to link patients to a wide range of services thanks to the fact that it is a comprehensive behavioral health service. It can even link patients to ling-term drug abuse treatment.

CN Guidance is a not-for-profit organization that was established in 1972 with the aim to provide treatment, rehabilitation, social support services and even housing opportunities to individuals suffering from mental illness and their families.


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