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Are You Being Too Hard On Yourself In Your Opiate Recovery?

Living a life addicted to opiates can be torture. Every waking moment of the day is controlled ultimately by a substance that at one time never even entered your thoughts. It is wild for many people to even fathom a life where opiates are not controlling them or at least in some sense a part of their life at all. Making the life changes to become successful in recovery is not easy. Most people need to change every aspect of their life from the people they spend their time with, to their job, to even which shoe they put on first.

So if it is such a great thing to reach a recovery, why are so many people so hard on themselves in opiate recovery? This has a lot to do with the circumstances of the person’s recovery.  There is a good chance that you did some things during your use that you are not proud of. You may have a lot of things that you have now come to terms with. This is all part of healing in recovery. Yes, it is important to acknowledge your past and the things that happened should be fixed, but if you are powerless over the problems that occurred, it is in your best interest to move on.

Recovery needs to stay as positive an experience as possible. This is obviously easier said than done but always looking on the negative side of things will immediately hinder your mood and your recovery. Be sure to think about all of the things you should be happy about and the things that make your life worth living. Knowing full well that you are better off where you are now compared to relapsing is paramount for a successful recovery.

Living in the present moment at all times will fix most of your anger and anxiety problems. If you do not worry about what is coming in the future or what happened in the past, you will concentrate completely on the moment at hand. You will have a clear mind and will be able to concentrate on tasks with better results. Your mood will be of higher spirits because you are in control of what is happening right this second. People become anxious when they feel out of control.

Be proud that you have made it into recovery. Not everyone that has tried has made it as far as you. Always make your life about what is happening at the present and everything else will take care of itself if you do the right thing right now. Good luck on your recovery.


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