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Being Open About Opiate Recovery Can Change The Lives Around You

Opiate recovery plays a giant roll in my life. In fact, from the moment I wake up until I rest my head, recovery is on my mind almost constantly. Whether it is from constant text messages and phone calls rolling in to email alerts reminding me of the need that so much people need help. I take my position in recovery very seriously. Choosing to live your life open about what it is you have done and air out your own dirty laundry comes with great consequences but also incredible rewards. On a daily basis I am able to talk with incredible human beings that lost their way for a little while. No one on this earth has ever been perfect and we have skeletons in our closets. So being able to have people feel comfortable enough to tell me their darkest secrets makes me feel good. Even if it is just because I am just a stranger from Youtube.

It is no secret that I am a blue-collar guy. My main source of income is from my position as a Marine Construction Foreman. I run a crew of guys that for a million dollar company and it is a ton of hard work. Very rarely does my work on the water run into my work with recovery. This week was a little different. I had the opportunity to speak a little with a homeowner who we are working for this week. It is my job to speak with the homeowner and make them comfortable with all the stages of the work we are doing and make them feel as though they can pull me aside and ask me any questions. During a conversation I was having with the homeowner he started asking me personal questions. Saw my ring on my finger and asked how long I was married, do you have any kids, that sort of thing. Do you do anything else outside of this and that is where I shared that I was in recovery. He seem intrigued. Began asking me more and more questions.

The area in which I work has a lot of summer homes. People from New York, Pennsylvania and Northern New Jersey have “shore” houses that they flock to during the summer months. The homeowner explained to me that he had an issue that I may be able to help him with. He said after our first talk, he went inside and started researching me. He came back out and asked me if I would talk to his son. I said of course, can you get him on the phone? He said, “Actually he is inside, we brought him down here to detox off of heroin.”

I feel as though being open about your recovery brings far more good than bad presently in our society. Sure you will have some people that will judge you but who cares what peoples think? Because I was open with this homeowner and stayed after work to speak with his son, he decided to go into a detox program with a follow up long-term in-patient rehabilitation program. It’s pretty remarkable what can happen when you share your story even if may show a negative time of your life. All that matters to me is I learned from it and can help show people that getting clean is the right way to go.


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