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Former NFL Player, Tyler Sash, Found Dead From Accidental Overdose To Opiate Painkillers

We see it in the headlines every day and every so often a famous person is the victim. Opiate overdose has become one of the leading causes of accidental deaths in the United States. It can be due to a variety of reasons, but one is due to the availability of the medications to people who should be under constant care. One such person who had a reason to take opiate painkillers was former NFL and Iowa safety Tyler Sash. Sash died of an accidental overdose to opioid painkillers.

Being a professional football player, he endured a strenuous lifestyle that put his body and in many circumstances his life on the line. There is cause to believe that Sash suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The brain disease is caused by repetitive trauma that has been found in several former NFL players including the late Junior Seau. According to a statement from the Iowa State Medical Examiner’s Office, Sash’s results will be available in the next eight to twelve months.

It is hard to put yourself in the shoes of a celebrity and the stressful lifestyle of being in the spotlight but also imagine having a job that is highly competitive and also puts you in harms way every second that you are clocked in. Players in the NFL are professionals in an extremely physical and dangerous sport that puts their bodies through tremendous stress and trauma. Many studies have compared playing in an NFL football game and being hit to being in multiple car accidents per game! You may be thinking that these men make a great salary and are paid extremely well for their decision to play the game, but when does putting your body through this type of destruction no longer feel worthy of the money?

Sash was a star safety at Iowa where he played college football and also won a Super Bowl during his rookie season with the New York Giants in 2012. The sad news of his passing came on September 8th when he was found dead in his Oaskaloosa, Iowa home. They conducted an autopsy that day but the results were not complete until the laboratory results came back. The medical examiner made a point to bring attention to Sash’s recent shoulder dislocation and a long history of chronic shoulder pain which were “significant conditions” to his death.

Sash had a short NFL career playing only two seasons with the New York Giants. A few months after the Super Bowl Victory, Sash was suspended for four games for violating the NFL’s performance enhancing substances policy testing positive for the stimulant Adderall. He was released prior to the 2013 opener and reached an injury settlement after he sustained a concussion in the preseason finale against New England. Sash was only 27.


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