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Setting Goals In Early Opiate Recovery

The first few days of withdrawals of torturous. You are feeling very ill and physically going against everything the voice in your head is telling you to do. You want nothing more than to wake up and feel normal without worrying about pills or heroin. You just want freedom from all things that hold you captive and want to be a normal person again. You see people in your everyday life and wonder why they don't need opiates to get through the day, so why do you? These questions and new beginnings are all part of the process of getting clean and every day is a learning experience.

It is very important to change as much about your overall life as possible when you get clean. If you have always tied your right shoes first, start tying the left. You are probably giggling reading that but it is a great exercise to help change the way you go about your daily routine. The most important thing in early recovery is to stay mentally positive. You are going to have your ups and downs just like anyone else but in early recovery, one small move or decision can lead to you to doing something you may regret.

Whenever I am talking to someone new to recovery, I always make a point to tell them to set small goals in the beginning. Many of us start to feel good in our recovery and become overwhelmed with excitement. We think that we are unstoppable and that we can take on the world. It is important to not get carried away with your goals in the first year of recovery. Setting the bar too high goal wise can lead to you not fulfilling your goals and getting down on yourself because of it. If you become ashamed that you could not reach your goal, it may lead to relapse. Instead push yourself to be a better version of yourself but do so with small goals. Small goals completed weekly will get you used to achieving things that you set your mind to do. This is outstanding for all aspects of your life including your self development.

After you have over a year clean you can start to take on larger goals. You have learned to deal with the ups and downs of recovery and after a year clean your mind isn't so vulnerable when it comes to opiates. Yes they were a part of your life and you have learned amazing life lessons from your struggle, but your life is so much more valuable once you get clean. Stay positive and stay strong on your road to recovery.


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