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Why Every Town Should Have Public Forums On Opiate Addiction

When national statistics emerge that more people die from drug overdoses than car accidents, it is time to start taking some initiative. The majority of drug overdose deaths in the United States are connected to opiates. Opiates have become the number one abused drugs in the world usually starting with prescription painkillers. Many painkiller addicts then make the switch to heroin which is the cheaper opiate alternative and in many cases much more dangerous.

When towns take it upon themselves to educate their citizens, it does have an impact. I can not tell you how many addicts I have spoken with that have absolutely no clue what is going on and are scared to death.  There are many parents who are concerned about their children as well. Being a parent myself, I could never imagine going through the hell of having an addicted child.

I feel it's very important that many towns are starting to hold public forums.  This is important because the education that parents receive can lead them to seeing signs of addiction at earlier stages where it is easier to get a hold of and treat.

In many cases when the addict uses for a longer period of time, more damage is done to their body. Also, the more one uses, the higher their tolerance builds and the harder it is for them to get off the drugs. The quicker parents understand what is taking place in their home, the faster they can get the help they need.

At these public meetings, they also educate parents on where to go for help. There are different options for different people. In this day and age, not everyone has medical insurance coverage available for rehab. Finding treatment is not always the easiest thing to accomplish, but many cities and towns now have grants and programs to help those who can not afford treatment. There are also non-profit organizations that provide treatment for free as well.

The most important thing about town hall meetings is that it helps to spread knowledge about addiction. It gets more people involved in towns and helps to educate their citizens. These meetings are a great way for people to communicate and help each other. If a parent sees signs of addiction or experimentation they can talk with professionals for guidance.  The opiate epidemic needs as much attention that it can get.

If your town has not yet begun to educate the public on the opiate epidemic and you know firsthand that your town is being affected by it, contact your local health department and request that they begin the steps to educate. It is their responsibility to share with the public different ways to help those addicted to drugs.


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