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Structuring Your New Lifestyle For Successful Opiate Recovery

One of the huge challenges that all of us face in varying degrees is the struggle of achieving a balanced and well structured lifestyle. Along with striving to achieve this, we sometimes have trouble understanding or interpreting what successful recovery looks like or what it means for ourselves. Success in your own recovery journey is perhaps difficult to define and often we have individual views on what constitutes real success when it comes to transitioning from addiction into recovery. One of the first significant factors I truly believe is a great measure of successful opiate recovery - is essentially developing a sense of true happiness within yourself. Learning about who you are, becoming more comfortable with yourself, and discovering what your own purpose is within this world. If you can gain a sense of these simple but critically important factors, I believe you are well on your way to living out a successful recovery process.

A big part of your successful recovery can be bolstered, supported and built upon further by focusing on developing a balanced and structured lifestyle. You might be asking what kind of areas you should focus on to improve this balance. I'm not sure if there is an exact science on what should be zoned in on, but for myself, I came up with five separate areas that I believe are important. These may be different for you or other people, but this is just what I see for my own journey as being an important part of my own balanced lifestyle. The following list is not in any order of priority, and the first area isn't necessarily the most important one, but I'm putting it first to outline that if you can get this one right, then the other core areas can fit into your lifestyle nicely.

  1. Job/Career

A balanced and flexible job/career is an important one because it helps to set the stage for you to structure the other parts of your life. Your job can be demanding, but make the effort to ensure it does not overtake the other areas of your life.

  1. Solid Nutrition/Supplement Plan

The food and supplements you eat (or perhaps don't eat) can literally determine how you perform across your work, exercise, how you function/support your family, and how you focus on your recovery. Take the time to ensure you have a good foundation for eating well and supplementing correctly.

  1. Daily Exercise

Doctors state that daily exercise has the equivalent effect of taking an antidepressant/anxiety medication. That's how powerful it can be and how much it can support your mental and emotional health. Make it a part of your routine to ensure good physical health and to maintain your mental clarity and focus.

  1. Family/Friendships/Socializing

One of the reasons why we are here on earth, that is - spending time with our loved ones. This can never be understated, as our family and friends make up the people we share our lives with and are incredibly important not just because of their ties to us, but important for sustaining our overall health and wellbeing.

  1. Dedicated Time For Your Recovery

The time you dedicate to your own recovery doesn't necessarily need to be exhaustive. I dedicate time to my opiate recovery every day, whether through mental reflection, writing articles for CalmSupport, or speaking and helping others through the addiction and recovery process.

Take some time in your own life to consider how you can better structure and balance your lifestyle to support your own successful recovery.


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