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The Dangers Of Becoming Complacent In Recovery

I believe that one of the many reasons that a lot of people are successful in beating addiction is because they make a commitment to stay vigilant throughout the course of their entire life with regard to recovery. Some people tend to think or see recovery as a static or short-term set of circumstances where you start at a point and come to a conclusion or end - the resulting output being seen by some as: "I'm cured". I think this sets up a dangerous context for those people who choose to see recovery in this way because it can manifest a sense of complacency about the way in which they view or see drugs and addiction in their future life. The whole point of remaining focused and "green" on the recovery journey is that it allows you to be self-aware of the dangers and pitfalls that addiction and recovery can present you with when you are perhaps not feeling strong in regards to your relationship with drugs and life in general.

The other danger is of course one that unfortunately swallows many type of people who have entered into early recovery and have passed their withdrawal stage and are beginning to feel "normal". Becoming complacent in these early stages is for some people, an unfortunate precursor to relapsing and going back to using their opiate of choice. The thought process is complex, and there are a number of stages that someone goes through before getting to the stage of making a choice to use again. I won't cover those steps here but need to point out that by not being self-aware of your own illness (addiction), in those moments when you are weak, you can misstep and end up right back where you started - addicted and a slave to the chemicals you fought so hard to get away from in the first place.

One of the strategies that I employ to ensure I don't become complacent regarding my recovery is what I like to call - "paying it forward". Writing articles for CalmSupport, contributing to Ryan's YouTube videos and channel, and reading and responding on addiction and recovery forums are all really useful strategies that I use on a weekly basis to ensure I stay vigilant and self-aware about addiction and about my recovery journey. It allows me to not forget the pain, the suffering and the struggle and challenges I faced to get where I am today. And that is actually an extremely powerful and motivating thing, because when I reflect on those struggles, I also reflect on the amazing progress and positive changes I have made in my life because of those challenges I've faced. Not all of us may be interested in paying it forward in recovery, but I would recommend trying it out, sharing your own story and any advice you picked up along the way that helped you change your life. Many of the lessons we learn from addiction and recovery are transferrable to a range of different areas across the spectrum of life in general, so you can definitely help not only those in recovery but other people experiencing other challenges in life as well.


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