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Reconnecting With Family During Opiate Recovery

I have spoken to a number of people in recovery who are reluctant to engage with family regarding their situation and addiction. Whilst there are concerns and fears around opening up to your loved ones, for many people it is an enormously empowering and important process for their recovery. The fear is not being accepted, and being rejected and shunned for the actions you have taken during your addiction. Whilst not every single person can reveal their addiction to their family, if you feel that deep down you are able to - I personally believe it is worth the risk.

A big part of my recovery and the reason for my success was reconnecting with my family, letting them in to my world and accepting the help and support they were willing to provide. I can honestly say, without taking the risk of putting my hand up and asking for help, I would not be able to write this very blog post and to be in recovery myself. It is difficult to quantify just how much of a boost your recovery and new life can get from reconnecting with family and building a solid support network - but for some, if not many people, it can be the difference between staying addicted and living a clean life.

A big part of the problem with addiction is the lies, the deceit, the anonymity of the illness, and the secrecy that basically ends up encapsulating your entire life and your lifestyle. Because of all those attributes that are associated with addiction, when you decide to open up and reconnect with family or loved ones, you receive an instant sense of relief. That "weight-of-the-world" feeling you were/are experiencing - can now be shared by not just yourself, but your family and loved ones as well. Do not underestimate the power of redeveloping those relationships with your family that were lost during your addiction. For a lot of us, including myself, the whole process of coming back into the lives of our family unit were and still are absolutely essential to growing again and developing a healthy new lifestyle.

All difficult decisions generally require a person to take a risk. Try and think of your scenario in a way that will allow you to take those steps forward to give you a better chance at succeeding in recovery, such as this: if you tell no one, and try and "go-it-alone", your chances for a successful recovery are certainly reduced. Are you willing to continue down the path of addiction for the rest of your life? And if so - what kind of life will that really be? If you do take the risk of reconnecting with your family, and they do shun you because of it, then you are still in the exact same position as you were before - suffering your addiction alone. In most cases (with the exception of some of course), it is worth taking the risk to open up and reconnect with your family.


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