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Dealing With Daily Stress In Opiate Recovery

One of the sometimes overlooked parts of recovery in terms of managing and controlling this disease - is after you have had some clean time under your belt and you return back to living a normal life. I know for myself, my recovery process has been one of major change, self-discovery and challenges. Along with the transformation from entering recovery comes the challenge of dealing with daily stress that life throws at us. These stressors come from a range of areas including - financial, love and relationships, children and family, work and career, and basically any external or even internal (from yourself) force that increases your level of stress. Knowing this and realizing the importance of managing daily stressors is absolutely foundational to your new lifestyle and your recovery in general. Learning to control and manage daily stress as best you can will go a long way to ensuring you live and sustain a happy and healthy life into the future.

One of the real challenges with learning to control and manage stress is that it is not always the same for everyone. Meaning someone may reduce their stress by for example, meditating or going fishing - but this may not always be practical or effective for every single person in recovery. What is important most of all is to first find out what strategies really help you during your times of stress and then beginning to employ them and making them a part of your life consistently. And really, this is not just for those in recovery but all of us who experience stress need healthy ways to vent and let it out of our lives.

Some of the common and generalized methods for stress reduction include daily exercise, a good amount of regular and consistent sleep, and sound nutrition and diet to support your body and mind. There are other strategies to explore however, it could be anything from reading a book, watching a favorite show and/or even reflecting on the many elements of your life you are grateful for. You might find this process entails a bit of trial and error to explore what is effective for helping you de-stress and making you feel calmer and at peace with yourself and your life. The important thing is to begin trying different things to help reduce that daily stress so that in-turn you are able to function in your own life as a healthy and productive individual.

I recommend first starting with the absolute basics before you begin with exploring different and alternative options. Make it a habit to ensure you get your daily exercise, good nutrition and sleep as well. From here, you can then venture into different areas and see what appeals to you the most for letting off some steam. Remember as well, this isn't just for your recovery, but this is important for your overall health and well being in general.


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