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Rural Ohio Suffers From A Combination Of Prostitution And Drug Abuse

Chillicothe is one of the cities in Ohio that has been hard hit by the surge in drug abuse and prostitution cases. Other cities affected by this problems include Mansfield and Zanesville. The situation is so dire in these cities that the police departments have decided to engage actively in finding the best possible remedies for the situation.

The increased cases of heroin addiction and prostitution in Chillicothe can be pegged on the infrastructure located in the city. Some examples include a rundown gas station that served as a selling point for drug peddlers, a local McDonald’s that had a patio and seating area where idlers found time to meet and engage in crime. As a countermeasure, the town has had some renovations that have transformed these former crime sports into safe havens. The improvements have reduced chances of idling, loitering, and solicitation.

Small town prostitution has increased in Zanesville and Mansfield. Most of the women prostituting in these towns state the need to fuel and finance their drug habits as the primary reason as to why they are engaged in prostitution. Most of the prostitutes interviewed by the police confirmed that they were willing and ready to quit prostitution if they could be helped to stop using drugs.

Despite the prostitutes’ willingness to abandon their destructive lifestyles, challenges are still rife in the rural areas. The limited access to drug treatments and rehabilitation centers in rural Ohio is one of the leading limiting factors.

Although prostitution charges are considered misdemeanors, the combination of both prostitution and drug abuse is what has the authorities in Ohio worried. Taken alone, prostitution taints the moral fabric of society, demeans the woman and exposes them to many dangers. Prostitution plus drug abuse clouds the judgment of the prostitute and increases the risks she is exposed to by a hundred fold.

Stories have been doing rounds in Chillicothe of how six women went missing in 2014. Of these, four of them have already been found dead, with at least one of them being suspected to have died from heroin overdose and two others still missing.

Most women who are engaged in both drug abuse and prostitution are often oblivious of the threats they expose themselves to each time they hit the streets high. The violence associated with prostitution is worsened when the prostitute is unable to defend herself.

The law enforcement agents in Ohio are looking for solutions that will enable them to solve both the drug abuse and prostitution problems. The police department is advocating for a change in attitudes so that the prostitutes can approach the police officers and seek help. Citizens are also encouraged to participate in the community policing initiative set up by the department and assist in dealing with the prostitution and drug abuse problem.


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