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Motivational Challenges After Opiate Recovery

Something that can and has been a challenge for me personally has been developing a steady consistency when it comes to sources of motivation after opiate recovery. I am now approaching 7 months into my recovery and whilst I am grateful and happy to be living clean and without addiction, there have been and are difficult periods where my motivation has/does dip. The motivation I am referring to is a broad and general type of motivation for typical living – staying on top of normal tasks, completing paperwork, ensuring to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well.

An excellent strategy for my motivational challenges has been focusing on regular training at the gym, ensuring I go at least 4 times a week, normally aiming for 5 – Monday to Friday. Not only do you feel a sense of achievement by doing this, it also positively affects your energy levels and also helps to improve your mood and overall vitality for life which is important. You don’t always have to be feeling as though you are conquering a great many things each day, but I do believe in setting a range of goals that you can stay focused on throughout the coming weeks, months and into the future so that you are actively growing and working towards a better version of you.

I think the key with motivation, being motivated and regaining a sense of motivation after a slump, is being open to new forms of where you might receive motivation from. It could be from a phone call with a friend, a rousing speech from a mentor or someone you look up to. You could find it in YouTube videos, which I have certainly benefited from myself – including obviously Ryan’s CalmSupport channel which has been a huge drawing board to pull motivation from. It doesn’t matter how you get your motivation, all that matters is that you are able to use it and apply it in a positive and productive way.

If you are feeling as though you may be in a slump, recognise it as soon as possible and try different things to empower yourself to move forward. Open up to someone, discuss what it is you are feeling, and why are you feeling this way. Dig deep, the answers to these questions are rarely at the surface, often they are under layers of other mental and emotional elements within you. Keep in mind however that often there is no magic wand. It may take you a bit of time as you try a range of different tactics before you start to feel yourself becoming reinvigorated and reenergised to do and accomplish more in your life.


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