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A New Informational Website Is Launched To Aid In Fighting Prescription Drugs Abuse in Montana

A new health initiative aimed at fighting abuse of prescription drugs has been unveiled in Montana. This initiative brings together law enforcement agencies, health professionals and other stakeholders to address the problem of over-prescribing and prescription drug abuse in the State of Montana.

The initiative dubbed “Know Your Dose”, which was unveiled at The Montana Center for Wellness and Pain Management, aims at bringing a steady reduction in the problem posed by the high rate of prescription drug abuse in the State of Montana. According to the Center’s medical director and one of the lead doctors on the project, Dr. Kneeland, it is evident that the problem of pain killer over-prescribing and abuse is not receiving as much attention as it warrants.

Dr. Kneeland observes that most people fail to believe the statistics he furnishes them with. Granted, the good doctor has not given up on his fight against prescription drugs abuse. He decries the fact that more people die from prescription drugs overdose than those who die from car accidents. Further, Dr. Gallea, one of the experts behind the initiative observes that prescription opiates are to blame for the high number of deaths which he equates to 15 times the number of deaths attributable to a combination of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

In a bid to fight what the experts have termed to be an epidemic, the Montana Attorney General’s Office has partnered with the Montana Medical Association for the “Know Your Dose” campaign which is run through the website KnowYourDoseMT.com This all-purpose online informational site has a lot of information on prescription opiate addiction.

Speaking in the city of Kalispell, Montana’s Attorney General Tim Fox explained that the website was a new resource that will benefit the health care community, patients and the public. The main aim of this website is to help people suffering or affected by opiate addiction. The AG admits that he had learned so much from the information on the website.

The project has received support from local law enforcement and the Montana Pharmacy Association, both of whom have signed on to it. Fox acknowledged the contributions made towards the fight against opiate abuse by a local pharmacist in Florence who collects and destroys excess prescription drugs dropped at a drop box installed in the pharmacy. Fox pointed out that most people he had talked to admitted having been prescribed some form of pain medication. A good percentage of these people did not finish their prescription. Most of these pills have been found to be responsible for feeding the addiction of many addicts in Montana, but by installing these boxes and giving patients and family members a place to properly dispose of their unused medications has been successful in reducing the amount of pills out there.

The Montana Department of Justice observed that most of those that abused prescription drugs obtained them either from their friends or family members. A coordinator from the Department Of Justice observed the “Know Your Dosage” website will go a long way in educating the public of the dangers of abusing prescription drugs. The information on the website which includes dangers of prescription drug abuse, drug seeking red flags and resources for those fighting addiction will benefit providers and the public in general.


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