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Yorktown’s Latest Efforts to Fight Opiate and Heroin Addiction

The State of Virginia has greatly benefited from the drop off event spearheaded by Senator Terrence Murphy. This event which started a while back aimed at providing the locals with alternative avenues where they would drop off their excess prescription drugs. This event took place in Yorktown and will spread to cover other areas that include Mount Pleasant on August 14 and Lewisboro on August 27. Senator Terence Murphy’s efforts have been lauded by the residents of Yorktown who acknowledge the good work being done by the senator.

According to Senator Terence, the program’s mandate was to stop or reduce cases of drugs and substance abuse in Yorktown. Recently, cases of opiate overdose have been on a steady rise in the State. Numerous cases have been reported on this issue. One such case was in Buffalo where a record ten overdose cases took place in a period of 24 hours. Of these cases, one man lost his life and a woman overdosed twice. This situation forced the county officials to devise immediate solutions which were meant to calm the situation before it further escalated. The authorities discovered that there was a high relapse rate among victims who failed to follow through with treatment programs.

According to reports released earlier in the month of August, there was a huge rise in heroin use and cases of overdose. Studies conducted in the years 2002-2004 indicated that the number of Americans who were reported to have used heroin in a period of 12 months stood at 379,000. This number has since increased and the new report released recently shows that the number of people using heroin currently stands at a little over 663,000. Further, the overdose cases that often lead to death have also doubled since 2004.

Most people believe that proper disposal of medication is by flushing them down the toilet; however, this is not the case. People need to be informed on how to dispose of their unused medications correctly. Once people have been educated on the correct way of disposing prescription medicine, then and only then will the journey towards ridding the state of opiates truly begin.

Yorktown Supervisor Michael Grace observed that Senator Murphy’s efforts to rid the state of excess prescription opiates will yield much success if followed and implemented. Accordingly, a drug free neighborhood or town will contribute to the achievement of making the whole state drug free. Acknowledging the role played by opiates as gateway drugs, the state has no choice but to support in the senators efforts to rid the state of excess opiate prescription drugs and by doing so, prevent the surge in the number of opiate and heroin addicts in the state. Moreover, the supervisor pointed out that the local authorities at Yorktown were more than willing to work with Senator Murphy in implementing his drop off program. Supporting such an initiative would benefit the town and state because it would ensure that drugs are properly discarded.


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