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Correlation Between Opiate Painkillers Abuse and Heroin Use in North Carolina

Experts a noticing the high rate of the heroin epidemic in Charlotte, North Carolina. This they attribute to the high rate of opioid-based painkillers abuse in the State. Research has revealed a correlation between opiate abuse and heroin usage in North Carolina. According to the CDC, over 45% of heroin addicts in North Carolina had started their addiction journey by experimenting with opiate pain medication. They also found that heroin addiction does not discriminate on the basis of age, economic power or gender.

This unfortunate rise in heroin addiction has captured the attention of stakeholders who have responded by establishing a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center where addicts can seek help. The Drug and Alcohol Rehab of Charlotte specializes in offering heroin addicts extensive drug counseling and help them fight off the addiction.

According to the management of this treatment center, the war against opiate over-prescribing and the subsequent heroin addiction can only be won after the medical professionals in the State have been trained on how to accurately prescribe opioid-based pain medications. An associate from the rehab center decried how medical professionals overlook the effects of over-prescribing opiates as pain medication. He argued that doctors need not to prescribe opioid-based painkillers for conditions that can be managed by non-opioid-based painkillers.

Additionally, the associate lamented the fact that most doctors were too quick prescribing these painkillers without investigating the medical history of their patients. He therefore called for a national consensus which would help in dealing with the opiate epidemic in the US.

The Drug and Alcohol of Charlotte is a specialty clinic which specializes in extensive alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. This center admits patients from all over North Carolina and enrolls them into extensive programs that combine drug counseling and life coaching services. Patients admitted into this clinic enjoy services that include 24 hour medical monitoring, safe and supervised medically assisted drug treatment, and status updates on their progress. Aside from these services, the clients also work closely with the addiction counselors to unearth the causes of addiction with the hope of addressing the root cause and preventing relapse.

The efforts of this rehab center must be supplemented by programs aimed at reducing the rate of heroin addiction in the state. As stated earlier, most of the addicts transitioned to heroin addiction after abusing opiate prescription drugs. Evidently, persons hooked on some pain medication find it more convenient to abuse heroin because it offers them a higher level of ecstasy, it is cheaper to obtain on the streets and it is readily available.

In a bid to reverse this trend, all concerned parties need to work together to address over-prescribing of opiates in North Carolina. By so doing, the number of new cases of addiction will face a sharp decline and the old cases can then be addressed through rehabilitation centers such as the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Charlotte. Those who check themselves into these rehab facilities should be helped to be cleaned and stay clean. Doctors should also consider prescribing pain killers that are less addictive.


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