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Connecting And Talking With Other People In Recovery

One of the greatest strategies for keeping me on track in my own recovery has been connecting and talking with other people in recovery. For lots of us already in recovery and also just starting out in this new phase of our lives, those who have not experienced addiction or who are not very knowledgeable about the topic can have a hard time understanding our struggles at times. This is not anyone's fault, this is the same for many different issues in life. It is the same in a way for when people who have lost family members feel they have a connection or an understanding between each other due to their similar experience. In recovery, it is the experience, the struggle to overcome great adversity that binds us together. Knowing this is powerful, we can use this shared experience and our shared stories to work together as a "team".

Traveling the recovery journey alone is never easy and more often than not, those that do try and do it alone, have a hard time maintaining their sobriety. The power of sharing and talking with other people in recovery is hard to articulate into words. One of the greatest effects that sharing and talking with others has on us, is the way that it renews us - both emotionally and mentally. It helps to almost self-regulate and fight against those old feelings and emotions that led us down the path to addiction in the first place. Another positive outcome from connecting and talking with others is keeping recovery fresh in our minds and our lives every day. The moment you begin to become complacent or think you have won, is the exact moment when you are risking everything you have fought for in your recovery so far.

A great way to connect and talk with others who have experienced addiction and who share their recovery journey is through addiction and recovery forums and the CalmSupport YouTube channel is also another great place to pop your thoughts up under that day's video. Keeping that regular input into your recovery by writing about it, talking about it and communicating with others is such a great tool to keep you on the right course. If you feel yourself slipping, or you feel yourself becoming distant from your own new positive lifestyle, then taking action and reaching out to others can help you re-engage and get back on track. Talking with a mentor or other contacts who know and understand your plight is a powerful strategy for you to use as part of your recovery-toolkit. Sometimes, it really is as simple as releasing your emotions and feelings, helping yourself to gain new perspectives and views as you go about your recovery and life in general.


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