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What Are You Made Of?

What are you made of? I ask myself this question on a daily basis. Not only regarding my recovery but in every day tasks. Am I giving the day and the tasks I have, my all? Am I being the best I can possibly be? If you are giving your best during every minute of the day, you allow yourself the freedom to know that you can sleep soundly at night. That voice in your head has nothing to judge you about because you are leaving no room to be judged.

The responsibility I have to the people who watch my videos, take my product or reach out to me is huge. I take this responsibility very seriously and I believe that being honest with people and showing them what can be done is important. Of course not all days are going to be home runs and we all have shortcomings, but I can not emphasize enough the importance to push through the hard times. To be successful in recovery you have to be able to adapt and overcome different situations when times get tough. You have to set yourself up for success by having different levels of support and help at your disposal. Do not rely on pure will to stay clean. It is ok to reach out to people for advice and help. To this day I reach out to people I look up to for help. This is not just in regards to recovery. No one has all the answers and getting different perspectives on different situations not only helps tremendously but it allows us to grow and learn.

A common theme I like to ask the people I speak with is “What are you made of?”  Are you willing to fight for your freedom from addiction? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to become and stay clean? If you are answering these questions with the word yes than you are ready to transition your life for the better. It is common for me to hear people tell me they are ready but they are also filled with doubt. Doubt and fear can cause a person to fail and relapse. Being hesitant of the unknown is completely normal, but do not doubt yourself or your abilities. You are much stronger than you think. The human mind and body are capable of extraordinary things. You can live a life full of true happiness.

When times get tough and you start to get worried about your recovery, take a step back and think about why you are doing what you are doing. Think about what life is like in active addiction. The constant anxiety of when and where you will get your fix. The financial despair and the fact that you are letting your life pass you by. Think about how it will feel to wake up in the morning and not rely on something to get you out of bed. To be able to be in control of all aspects of your life and to think clearly about the future. When I tell you that it is the greatest feeling in the world to know that you are able to do as you please and smile with real joy, I mean it. Are you willing to fight for your life?


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