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Opiate Triggers and Cravings Are A Real Part Of Recovery

Getting clean from opiates is a top priority for thousands of Americans. On a daily basis, people struggle with the fact that they do not have the ability to quit cold turkey. They think they will never be free from addiction and are scared to death of withdrawal. The fear of withdrawal keeps thousands of people from taking the necessary steps to getting clean.

Abusers of opiates begin to adapt to the lives they have created. No one says they want to grow up to be an addict. Addiction is something that happens very quickly and with opiates, it is something that happens before the addict even realizes they are addicted. It does not matter what your background is or if you have addiction in your family. Opiates have the ability to grab you and pull you in and completely change your life.

When the time is right or when the addict decides, “enough is enough” is when an addict gets clean. There is no forcing an addict to get clean. They need to be ready for the life changing decision on their own. When they are ready to get clean, there are many ways to go about doing so. Most importantly there is no one way to get clean from opiates. People will tell you that their way is the only way, but that isn't true. Whatever works for the addict is all that matters.

One thing that no one can prepare you for are triggers and cravings. Triggers can be persons, places or things that remind you of using and trigger a craving to use. It is important to know that these things exist so you can be prepared.

Realize that cravings are a very real part of recovery, but they have absolutely no control over your actions. When you are new to recovery, it is very important to stay away from triggers because the best combatant for triggers is time clean. Once you have a good amount of time clean, your lifestyle completely changes. Things that mattered to you before no longer have any power over you because you have moved on and found new things that interest you. I know it is not possible for everyone, but it is a great idea to leave the area in which you used and get some clean time somewhere away. This will allow you to get stronger and deal with the issues you have without being reminded by places, people and things you used to use with.

The truth is that cravings will eventually sneak up on you. Something will trigger a feeling or a memory of a good time you had while using and you may try to convince yourself that you can have a little taste of the drug you used to be addicted to. Understand that the moment you ingest that drug, your life as you know it will again be out of control and unmanageable. You will not be able to turn it off and just stop. It will start a new chapter of abuse and for many, they will not survive it.  Once you get clean, it's important to remain clean. Your life depends on it.


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