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Do Not Over Think During Opiate Recovery

We all have the voice in our heads that tells us what to do or what to think. We are all our own worst critics. When you decide that it is the right time to get clean and you are going through the process of detoxing your body, you will be fighting a torrential fight against the physical withdrawals as well as the mental withdrawals. Most people that go through withdrawals say that the physical withdrawals is the easy part. The hardest part about getting and staying clean is controlling your mind. The mental urge to use is strong in early recovery and for many people, before they even have a few days, they mentally start to break down and second-guess all of the work they put in. When you start to do this, relapse usually occurs.

It is so very important to take recovery one minute at a time. Too many people start to over-think the whole process. They begin to look too far into the future, they start to judge where they are currently in their life compared to other people, they think about all the money they have blown on using and start to get anxiety about the bills that are growing. You mentally beat yourself down about your credit score and how you will never be able to get ahead without a miracle like hitting the lottery. You go over all of the things you wish you did differently and all the relationships you wish you never destroyed.

Recovery is a tough road to ride on but it is extremely rewarding if you do not beat yourself down. Staying positive and keeping your spirits up is more important to your recovery than anything. Being negative needs to be left with your use. Turn over a new leaf and look on the bright side of everything. You are still alive, that is an accomplishment on its own after battling an addiction to opiates. You are still here and still have the ability to do good in your life. Most recovering addicts find that their purpose in life starts to present itself during this time. Not everyone wants to get involved in other peoples recovery but I highly recommend giving it a try. If you have never figured out what you want to do with your life, maybe it is time to make recovery your life. When you do this and work towards it every moment of every day, you begin to love life again. You begin to want everyone around you to live happily in recovery as you do. You can brighten people’s days who are looking for help in recovery. But do not over-think the process.


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