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“360 Degree Strategy” To Address Opiate Epidemic

The United States Drugs Enforcement Administration in Louisville has announced that this is going to be the fourth city in the United States to enact a comprehensive strategy related to law enforcement and prevention with a view to cut down on the addictions to heroin and opiates. Under the 360 Degree strategy, cities that are hard hit by the heroin and prescription drug abuse problem will realize major changes to the way they handle this problem. It is a strategy that has been well thought out especially when you consider the fact that there has been a public outcry over the years about addictions.

A special agent tasked with managing DEA’s Detroit Field Division, Timothy J. Plancon, announced the strategy while expressing optimism that it is exactly what the city needs based on the current situations He was accompanied by State Attorneys who also said that during the development of this new strategy, a lot of factors have been considered especially those relating to the latest trends in opiates abuse. There is no doubt that Louisville is one of the cities in the United States that have been hardest hit by this epidemic.

Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville also joined in the announcement of the special strategy alongside other officials including the police. The presence of representatives from all the law enforcement departments as well as almost every other government agency was an indication that this was going to be an all-inclusive strategy. Even before it was unveiled, people were already excited about it maybe because of the little information that they had already got. If the welcoming messages are anything to go by, this is a strategy that almost everyone wants to be part of. It has already been hailed as being better than any other that the area has seen before.

The 360 Degree strategy consists of three major parts: Enforcement, diversion control, and community outreach. Enforcement is all about the actions that target criminal activities such as trafficking and supply of opioids. This will help to avoid overdoses. Diversion control will engage the manufacturers and wholesalers as well as pharmacists so that they do not fuel addiction as they do their business as for community outreach, the strategy focuses mainly on partnerships with medical professionals, community organizations as well as government departments. The public is also not left out just to ensure that heroin and prescription drug abuse will lead to treatment and other services just in case they are needed.

Plancon indicated that they are striving to find the much needed innovative strategies so that they can easily confront addiction to prescription drugs. While pointing out that the heroin epidemic was ravaging communities across the United states, the officers said that they were committed to ensuring that the situation changes, and that the 360 Degree strategy gives them the best platform to achieve their objectives. They however said that the community should not think that all has been done There is need for everyone to do more in order to get the desired results.


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