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Opiate Recovery Requires You To Believe In Yourself

In my own journey of addiction I experienced many different negative emotions and emotional states, as well as depression and poor mood regulation. Along with these mental challenges, I developed a total lack of confidence, lack of self worth, and a belief that getting clean and into recovery was just a dream that would never eventuate. A big part of why I failed a few times in stopping my use and why it took a number of years before I was able to stop abusing opiates was down to my entire perspective, that being I did not believe I could actually do it. I did not believe that my life could change, could turn into something much more than just someone who pops pills everyday to merely exist and survive.

It was four years of continuous use before I came to realize, through a series of climatic points, including a number of failed attempts at quitting, that what I was doing was never going to work. On the final day of my use I made a decision, a choice that was perhaps motivated to some extent by fear, anxiety - these emotions stemmed from the fact that if I didn't believe in myself I was eventually going to die. I consciously decided when I went cold turkey that I was going to make it, that I had faith in my own internal strength and resilience to get in front of this vicious and destructive illness.

In the subsequent weeks and months following the cessation of my opiate abuse, the belief in myself and my own potential has continued to increase. I have begun to see that one of the most critical factors for myself, and likely for many other addicts and recovering addicts is that your belief system must be legitimate, authentic and honest. At first, you probably won't necessarily believe that you can conquer the world, but you can believe in yourself to beat your addiction, and change your life into something truly special for yourself and others around you. I would even recommend telling yourself as many times as you need to that you believe in your potential to quit, get clean, enter recovery and aspire to greatness.

Self-doubt is an insidious thought process that can be very damaging to our recovery and overall lifestyle. Stamp it out with the belief that you are worth it, that you can control this part of your destiny and that you will fight until you are free from these chains of addiction. If you are in that place where you are second guessing whether you can go through with beating your addiction, you should seek help. Reach out to as many people and resources as you can because in the end, it is your life, you only get one, and taking positive action towards your recovery will change your life.


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