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Obituary Of A 22 Year Old Clay Shephard Died Goes Viral

22 year old Clay Shepard died from a drug overdose and his obituary has gone viral over the internet. The obituary was written to mourn and commemorate Clay, but also, to warn the parents to be attentive to their children and what surrounds them. The obituary also described what lead to the death of Clay Shepard, which was a drug overdose.

The obituary points out how much Shepard’s family loved him, but the love wasn’t big or strong enough to fight his drug addiction. The note is not meant to place any blame on anyone for the death of Clay. It is basically written for the sake of inspiring someone to change their outlook towards the drug problem affecting our country.

Shepard, as the obituary describes, was a charming guy, a decent athlete and a very strong student. He was also confident and could easily make friends with anyone.

Another thing that is pointed out in the obituary is that Shepard had completed several drug rehabilitation centers. Despite the rehabs, Shepard still went back to his addictions and which lead to his death.

The obituary doesn’t only talk about the need for parents to be attentive to their kids, rather, it also talks about the need for children to know the love that their parents have for them. In addition, it urges children and young adults to always open up whenever they have something bothering them.

Clay Shepard was a son and a brother to one sister and three brothers and he was the youngest of them. It is said that on the outside, Clay was very happy and he seemed comfortable with all that he had. Inside though, he struggled with addiction.

Generally, the obituary is a warning to urge parents to be keen on their children and be attentive to any uncommon behavior. It is also meant to help children know that the drug addiction can lead to a more serious condition and even death.

Here is the full obituary:

Our charismatic and beautiful son and brother died Sunday morning from a drug overdose. Clay was the youngest of four children, raised in a loving home in Apex with two brothers and one sister. Outwardly Clay looked like he had it all: Intelligence, confidence, athletic ability, height, beautiful blue eyes, broad smile, fantastic wit, and the ability to engage and forge a relationship with anyone. Inwardly Clay was sensitive and had struggles that he hid well from his close and clannish family.

We loved Clay with all of our hearts, but we now know that was not enough to shield him from the world. This note isn't an attempt to assign blame for Clay's death. It's not to vent our anger and frustration at a world where drugs can be ordered and delivered through the internet. We write this obituary in hope that it may provide an insight to those that need to change their behavior one night at a time.

Clay was a solid student, decent athlete, and a very likeable kid. With his seemingly endless positive traits, he had the potential to be anything from a captivating politician to a brilliant engineer, but drugs began to creep into Clay's life while he was in high school. As trouble hit, his father stepped in and forged an incredible bond with Clay. Although Clay could never be completely honest about the trouble he was in, his love and respect for his father became a lifeline over the last few years. He successfully completed drug rehab several times, but the craving that comes from true addiction was more than he could overcome.

While we always felt we had some grip on Clay's issues, his ability to hide and disguise his addiction proved superior to our parental (and sibling) sixth sense. The worry that we have felt watching Clay struggle, has been replaced by a deep feeling of loss that now exists knowing we will never see his smiling face again. Despite these troubles, we can smile knowing that the last communication we had with Clay was a text and answer between mother and son to say "I love you", just as it should be.

To all children, this note is a simple reminder that there are people who love you, with everything they have and no matter what you do - don't be too afraid/ashamed/scared, too anything, to ask for help. To all parents, pay attention to your children and the world that revolves around them - even when the surface is calm, the water may be turbulent just beneath. Clay's struggles have ended. He is finally at peace. We will miss his keen sense of humor, impersonations, cooking, plant advice and rhythm on the dance floor.

Goodbye Clay, we love you and miss you dearly.

Mom & Dad, Cole, Wade & Jess, Jean & Lucas


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