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Having A Mentor Greatly Increases Your Success During Opiate Recovery

Thousands of people a day are searching the internet for tips on helping them through their opiate withdrawals, especially in early recovery. Any tricks that will make the process easier are very popular searches. Something that I recommend to everyone I speak with is finding the right people to surround yourself with when you are new to recovery.

One of the greatest places a new person in recovery can go to is an NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting. Meetings are outstanding because of what they represent and also the fact that a group of people are coming together all with the same goal, to make it through another 24 hours sober. At these meetings, you will see people in all stages of recovery.

Meetings are a great place to find mentors for your recovery. Find someone who has more than a year in recovery and that seems genuinely happy. Introduce yourself and listen to what these types of people are saying and doing in their lives. Of course everything they are doing may not work for you, but seeing people successful in recovery shows you that it can be done. Once you have found people to look up to, exchange phone numbers and ask if you can call them from time to time. In many instances, this is considered a sponsor but you can talk to multiple people that you look up to.

Having a mentor or sponsor greatly increases your success rate in recovery. I have met people that have mentors that have never had an addiction issue. They are just people that are doing the right things in their life, are not stressed out and are happy with the life they have created. You may think you want a mentor who has the nicest car or the biggest house but what I recommend is finding someone who smiles a lot. Someone who laughs more than normal and seems caring. That person is successful in my book and you can learn a lot from people like that.

When around your mentor, try to learn as much as you can. Ask questions about their life and how they go about handling different things. If you have trouble coping with problems, ask them how they overcome hardships and stay on a positive course. Be open to trying new things.  Change your routine and do not get discouraged if things do not work for you. Your overall goal is making it through the day clean and earning that day will make you stronger.


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