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Taking Your Time And Being Patient In Opiate Recovery Will Lead To Success

Getting clean is a huge accomplishment. When you are feeling very sick and your brain is trying to convince you to go back, it takes every part of your being to make it past the initial withdrawal. Once you make it to the other side and are learning how to cope with feelings in your recovery, you may feel bombarded with new thoughts and things you want to do.

Chances are many people in your life will be sharing with you how they feel now that you are in recovery. The majority of them will tell you how proud they are of you and you may hear about your shortcomings while you were using. Try to keep a level head when you are talking with family and friends and do not let any of it get to you. You need to stay calm and remain poised.

In early recovery, it is common to get very excited about your future. You have every right to be happy and looking forward to what is to come, but you need to tread carefully. Getting a big head or an ego that you have conquered your withdrawals and thinking too highly of yourself may lead you to relapsing. Stay humble and learn as much as you can but DO NOT take on too much. You will likely have an enormous list of things you want to do and see now that you are no longer a prisoner to your drug. Taking on too many new goals may cause you to become overwhelmed. You may get discouraged if you do not reach your goals and if you have not been clean long and have not learned how to cope with failure without drugs, it may lead you to relapsing. Give yourself some time to learn how to control your feelings.

There is no rush in recovery. A person with 20 years of clean time and a person with 24 hours both are only clean for today. It may sound so cliché but you need to take your recovery one day at a time. For some people it may even be one minute at a time. This is completely fine and giving yourself time and learning to be patient can help you stay clean for the rest of your life. Your goal is to never use again, so do not rush into things. Keep your ears open and learn from people who have been clean for a long time. You can learn a lot if you keep your mouth shut and stay humble.


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