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$3 Million Grant To Fight Heroin Epidemic In Maryland

 Police departments in Annapolis, M have received a grant to from the state to boost their efforts to track heroin in their areas. The money will also facilitate their efforts to share this information on the state database as well as helping recovery specialists in their effort to work with addict. The grant, which totals to $3 million, was announced by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. This comes in the wake of revelation that they addiction epidemic in the state is becoming worse by every day with families and communities having to suffer the harsh effects.

The police departments that are going to benefit from the grant have been selected based on the statistics that show the level of the epidemic in their areas. According to the index, there are areas that are worst hit while others are yet to experience the harsh effects of heroin and opiates. For instance, the situation is getting out of hand in Harford and Anne Arundel Counties. They therefore are likely to be prioritized in the allocation of the fund with the main aim of this decision being to ensure that those who need the help most get it fast. There are many other counties that are going to receive the funds.

The decision to increase funding by the state was informed by data which showed that in 2015, there was a 21 percent increase in the number of deaths resulting from alcohol and drug intoxication. The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene estimates that there were over 1,259 deaths resulting from overdoses in Maryland alone. They also project that the number could well be surpassed in 2016 and so, they want to ensure that they save the lives of people who are hooked to these rugs. Although it is a difficult task, the funding definitely provides a string foundation to tackle it.

Heroin awareness Advocates inn Maryland have said in their assessment that the state currently needs residential treatment beds to save the lives of the many addicts who die while waiting for treatment at in-patient spots. The son of one of the advocates is currently at a residential program in North Carolina and so, they believe that it is a better option than the in-patient programs which might not have the capacity to accommodate all the addicts. Sometimes, these facilities may not be opened when an addict needs urgent care and so, a life is likely to be lost. This can be stopped with proper funding to the police departments.

It also is important to note that even though it is important to treat addicts, it is not all that they need. People need to understand that after going through the treatment process, aftercare for the victims is imperative. The advocates say that as addicts learn to go through the daily challenges of life without drugs, they need support. This is the reason why part of the money that has been released by the state should be channeled towards aftercare to avoid cases of relapsing which have been common over the past years.6


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