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Mixing Benzos (Such as Xanax) With Opiates Can Be a Deadly Combination

It is all over the news. Opiate painkillers kill when abused. People are becoming more aware of the dangers of these medications and how strong they are. What wasn't always the case is that these medications also kill the people they are legally prescribed to help.  Someone who is prescribed an opiate painkiller may be prescribed other medications as well. A very common cause of overdoses is the mixing of medications. Painkillers and benzodiazepines (such as Xanax) can be deadly when combined. These medications can be taken together successfully if properly prescribed and monitored by a doctor. Unfortunately as we are starting to see more people self medicate, the combination can be lethal.

It's common for people to take multiple medications throughout their day.  We have become a nation of pill poppers. Luckily many people follow their Doctor's orders. Unfortunately though, people sometimes feel that they know better and decide to take more than what is prescribed. Taking more medication alone can be dangerous, but mixing medications can lead to a deadly cocktail.  For some addicts, they may find themselves purchasing other medication on the black market.  When their legitimate prescription they are taking combines with a drug they are not prescribed, it can cause serious and possible fatal overdoses. Many people are not aware of the dangers of mixing benzos and opiates.

Addiction and overdoses are happening to all kinds of people. When it comes to prescription drugs, you can not paint an ordinary case. People from 14 years up to 80 years of age have overdosed from abusing these medications. These medications change the way the brain works and over time, constant use of these medications make the body crave more. Intake of these drugs is necessary to feel “normal". If you do not have your medication, you will start to go through withdrawal.

Opiate withdrawal can be accomplished successfully from the comfort of your own home.  If you do not want to do it at home, you can go to a treatment center where you will have professionals watch over you during your stay. If you do not have insurance, rehab can be very expensive and many insurance companies will not pay for addiction rehabilitation.

Benzo's such as Xanax can not be stopped abruptly. Benzo withdrawal can lead to seizures which can lead to death, so it's important to talk to your Doctor before stopping any medications including Benzodiazepines.

It is very important to educate yourself on the medications you are being prescribed. Sometimes your doctor does not give the necessary amount of time to each patient.  Make sure to take it upon yourself to read about the dangers of the medications you are being prescribed. When it comes to opiates, you need to realize that over time, the body will need more and more in order to get the same pain fighting effects as tolerance builds. The longer you take the medications, the more you will need.  If you take too much one day, it may cause you to run short on your medication before your next doctor visit. If you do run low, many doctors will refuse to refill you until they see you on the day of your next appointment. This may lead to you suffering through withdrawals until you receive more. Do not mix your medications with anything you are not prescribed (including alcohol) because the results could be deadly.


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