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The Wealthy Are Also Addicted To Opiate Painkillers

Prescription painkiller and heroin addiction has taken the lives of thousands of people in the past few years. It is at epidemic levels and the drug does not discriminate. You can be from any social background, race, gender, or religion. The drug does not care. For the majority of opiate addicts, they scrape by on the little money they have to pay for their drugs. Some addicts even resort to crime and violence in order to afford their next fix. Homes become foreclosed on, families broken up, and people lose their jobs because of their addictions.  So what happens to those who can afford their addiction?

A new trend is starting to emerge among Wall Street businessmen. According to an Addiction Specialist Doctor by the name of Dana Jane Saltzman, her practice has exploded since 2000 with wealthy young Wall Street men who have become addicted to opiates. She has seen the epidemic first hand and how badly the epidemic has grown over the past 4 years. These men work long hours under incredible pressure, with a lot of money at stake. The opiates provide a sense of comfort during an out-of-control daily work week.

The problem with these men is not the lack of finances. Money usually becomes a deterrent for many addicts who can no longer afford their addiction and make the switch from opiate painkillers to heroin.  Many addicts begin stealing and showing signs of financial despair often choosing between meals or drugs with the latter winning the majority of the time.

What these men do have issues with is their relationships outside of work. Most intimate relationships dwindle, not because of the hours but because of the disconnect with their partners. Relationships with family become distant as the abuser secludes themselves from most people in their social circle. Their life begins to revolve around work and opiates, leading to higher tolerances and larger addictions. They are in the group of people who can easily overdose because they have no limits or things blocking their usage.

Along with rich businessmen, their children also have a high rate of abuse for many of the same reasons. Their children have grown up with money and have plenty of disposable cash.  It is hard to catch a young adult with an issue when they always have a pocket full of money to keep their addiction rolling. How do we help those who can afford their addiction? This falls into the same category for celebrities, where having too much money only fuels their addictions. They have every means to afford the drugs which makes it that much harder to stop.  Many are also surrounded by an entourage of "yes" people who will do what they can to help their celebrity friend.

Sure everyone wishes they were wealthy, but being wealthy in certain situations can actually make the problem much worse. Individuals in this scenario need to seek professional treatment and need to be honest with their friends and family. It may even be wise to have a family member manage their money and put on an allowance in order to help beat their addiction.

For example, All-Star baseball player Josh Hamilton has battled addiction for years. It almost destroyed his career and life. He makes millions of dollars a year yet does not carry any money on himself. He is watched by his wife with all of their finances just because neither of them trust him with too much money. That is the nature of the beast and having too much money may be a serious downfall to an opiate addict.


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